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  1. Try San Carlos in Sonora... outside Guaymas. We have great scenery, beautiful beaches, ample lodging and loads of restaurants, from Taco stands to Gourmet fare. There's plenty to do, from beachcombing and kayaking to Mt Biking and Horseback riding. Our signature geographic feature is Tetakawi ... otherwise knows as Goat Titty Mountain... hiking groups, birding, sport fishing and more. Come check us out. Lizzy
  2. In Sonora pizza Hawaiana is ever popular.. and I like that Canadian dish...myself... But that's what makes horse races, Amiga... at least that's what Mamá used to say You can keep the salchicha, though The Hot Dog's a touch too much. I'll take a spicy Italian sausage any day... and jalapeños en escabeche to top it off... Lizzy
  3. Eeew...Maraschino Cherries... double yuck... Buuut...what about Bing Cherries? What then...still yuck?
  4. I was under the impression that the Mayan Train project had been 'voted' down by local indigenous peoples...(re: an article in MND) Was I mistaken, did the route change, or what? L
  5. Personally, I am grateful to them for what they showed me... More Liana, if you want, ''in depth'' you might have to look elsewhere? You don't have watch... but why spoil the show for others who are less choosy in their fare?
  6. Thanks, Angus...really enjoyed the video... thanks again for posting it... L
  7. Does it offer EEUU (estados unidos) or EUA (estados Unidos Americanos)... the abbreviations in español? L
  8. Can a residente permanente drive a US plated car with a letter of permission from the owner also?
  9. Bless you, Gringal... I couldn't have stated it better... since we appear to have no governors on our mouths when we get into political particulars.
  10. used to have a photo by my name... can't seem to find how to post a pic to said handle... Can anybody help me out here? Thanks... Lizzy
  11. What Gringal said... go ahead and make your list, just remember that one-thing-done is par for the course... and when your one appointment is done you can kick back and relax... with whatever you like to relax with..you're gonna love it here... Lizzy
  12. Don't forget too bring a large amount of Patience, and a laissez faire attitude with you as well... ...and try to resist saying, "These People!" as many a frustrated person has done... local folk often understand English... even if they do not speak the language. A friendly attitude, shaking hands and introductions go a long way towards good relations. I hope you grow to love México the way many of us do... best of luck in all you do and may you have a smooth trip down. Lizzy
  13. Don't know if this will help you out... but it works for me. I hate paying monthly bills... so I go in to Telmex semi-annually and pay six months in advance. No more once-a-month.
  14. Angus gave you good information... online purchase is easy and efficient. Have a nice drive.
  15. Eh, what? OK... maybe it is a technicality... but, it is not nonsense as More Liana is correct about the law... regardless of whether or not anybody has actually been booted out for meddling. Wish that the US had the same law on the books... politics is nasty enough without outsiders adding their two cents worth.
  16. ... or Lewis and Lewis. L
  17. I went to the Mexican Consulate in Nogales, Az. I called them on the telephone, their # is (520) 287 2521, they answered all my questions, told me what I needed to bring with... and made an appointment for me. Well mannered, polite, and accommodating people.They will treat you right. After the initial appointment, everything was done locally. I hired a lady to be my "Facilitator"... She chaffeured me to appointments, drew up and submitted the necessary paperwork and saw to the mailing in, the checking on and the phone calls. Sure... I could have done it myself... but she knew who to go to for this and who to ask for that. which corners to cut and who to pat on the back... made her worth every peso... Nogales Consulate treat you like a guest. Lizzy PS I hired Rosa in San Carlos, where we live... you will want to hire one from your area when you get back to Lakeside.
  18. I have received both SSDI then SSI while out of country. No problem. In fact, the SSDI morphed into SSI at the time that I would have begun receiving my SS payments at 65, if I had waited 'till full eligibility. My SSDI was granted in the amount of my FULL SS payment... and that amount has not been changed. My SS payments come to my account in the US and I access them through my debit card, same as always. Mexico only cares that you have enough $$ to meet the requirements. L
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