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  1. a new shipment is at super lake. have a great new year everyone.
  2. our latest shipment has arrived at super lake. merry xmas to all.
  3. our latest shipment has arrived at super lake
  4. has arrived at Superlake. Last shipment til October when i return from the rock.
  5. our latest shipment is at super lake
  6. arrived at super lake as always contact our website or face book page for any requests or for personal alerts, as we always small batch roast and will include any specific requests made. cheers!
  7. for all our customers out there, our latest shipment has arrived at super lake. cheers
  8. a note for our customers. the latest shipment has arrived at super lake.
  9. for our valued customers. a shipment has arrived at superlake. it will be the only one until october when i return from da rock have a good summer !! cyril
  10. for those who do drink it, the latest shipment has arrived at super lake
  11. a note for our customers the latest shipment has arrived at super lake.
  12. for our customers our latest shipment has arrived at super lake we have included a new type labelled as nayarit. it is organic. happy new year everyone.
  13. new shipment delivered to super lake
  14. for all customers of after an extended break on the rock our first shipment of the season has arrived at superlake. as always a big thank you to our customers
  15. the latest shipment of no bullshit coffee has arrived at superlake. there are 30 one pound bags this shipment as i am taking some time off to go back to the rock for a few months. the next shipment will be late september or early october. cheers to everyone and thanks to our customers!
  16. a note for our esteemed customers - the latest batch of no bullshit coffee has arrived at superlake.
  17. th the latest shipment of no bullshit coffee has arrived at superlake
  18. my error nobullshitcoffee.com and yes that is the fb page
  19. latest shipment to superlake has arrived. 20 one pound bags. all roasted on the first of february. packaged and shipped on the 4th. a note. the french roast is from veracruz due to shipping issues with the chiapas. also my bagger has included some no BS stickers in a number of the bags. a big thanks to all our customers. special requests can be made by contacting me at nobullshit coffee.com. if i can make it happen i can.
  20. according to estafeta my shipment of 20 - one pound bags of no bullshit coffee has arrived at superlake. all were roasted on saturday the 5th and shipped on monday the 7th. in appreciation of our customer support i have overweighted 5 of the bags. essentially an extra cup. cheers
  21. great info kevin. i would love to be able to ship the perfect amount of coffee to super lake, but i live in la manzanilla and rely on someone telling me when they are out at superlake as they are not interested in checking my stock nor contacting me when they are out.. fair enough im sure they are busy . true , mexican coffee isnt considered as good as many central american countries but still is a good coffee. and i only said that up to 6 weeks the coffee will retain "most" of its freshness, obviously a week or two would be ideal. but to claim it is stale is misleading. For a connoisseur like yourself, that may be an appropriate term but for the masses of coffee drinkers i think its a bit strong. an aside, scientific facts are provisional, many change with further study. anyways, im still working on the right balance with superlake regarding type, quantity and delivery, in order to maximize the freshness. i have been sending a package every two months give or take (whenever they are out.)im busy enough here and hadnt thought of halving my shipments but certainly will entertain the idea next time around. as johanson implied we are always learning, so thanks a latte.
  22. i would suggest, as a professional coffee roaster, that you do not freeze the coffee. this is my opinion based on my years of experience, others may disagree. up to 6 to 8 weeks from roast date (which is placed on every one of our bags) coffee (in bean form, packaged air tight, no light) will retain practically all of its freshness. i suggest if you have coffee older than that you should purchase smaller quantities. i also believe that the quality of the Mexican bean has greatly increased in the last ten years and this is supported by other professionals i interact with and not just my own opinion. interestingly enough, the Veracruz is often a key element in many espresso blends that various cafes and restaurants purchase from me. i agree with the article regarding french roasts and yet i sell way more french roast than any other type. go figure. i disagree that medium roasts have more caffeine as this has been debunked for a number of years now. i must say the articles publication date probably explains this error. i also agree whole heartedly that the chiapas medium is an excellent coffee, and i have numerous customers that only buy that. ultimately its a personal choice. cheers to all drinkers of the grand bean.
  23. at no bullshit coffee, quality is what we are about. all bags ARE roast dated. this latest shipment was roasted november 2 2018
  24. according to estafeta it has arrived at superlake.
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