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    no bullshit coffee

    at no bullshit coffee, quality is what we are about. all bags ARE roast dated. this latest shipment was roasted november 2 2018
  2. cyril

    no bullshit coffee

    according to estafeta it has arrived at superlake.
  3. cyril

    no bullshit coffee

    for those interested i just sent 40 one pound bags of our coffee to super lake. it should arrive friday, give or take. thanks for the continuing support. john
  4. cyril

    no bullshit coffee

    no bullshit coffee is an artisan roastery in la manzanilla since 2010
  5. cyril

    no bullshit coffee

    for those who may be interested i have sent 40- 1 pound bags of no bullshit coffee to super lake. roasted on september 1. various types it arrived last friday. i have no idea what they may be charging