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  1. Bit confused with what you mean by the hassle free zone. So you mean in the quintana roo and baja peninsula has or don't have issues like this compared to say chapala? I remember i saw a video on youtube a while back where someone who is in chapala mention they leave and come back with no issue in the chapala area. So in the quintana roo and baja, its more hassle is what you mean or the other way around? Thus there may be issues there but not around the chapala area where almost everyone is located on this forum?
  2. Okay well im not from the chapala area. But those of you americans and canadians who are in chapala, i assume most of you drive there as oppose to fly? For example i know that if you enter mexico on the west coast and drive by car and go through san diego, which i believe is the biggest border crossing in the world, there are fewer issues there if someone is driving in and out of mexico? Example someone drives from san diego into mexico and stays there x month. Leaves because his 180 day is up. Then stays in the us for a few days or weeks etc and come back in by driving would
  3. Is there a lot of truth into this? I thought i read someone mention this not that long ago. So now its hard to get into mexico and get a 6 month tourist visa and leave for a while and then come back?
  4. Someone else mentioned this as well. Certain items don't come that quickly. Last time i bought an electronic device very tiny... it did get here in 2 days though. Also do you have amazon prime? I do but only for the US and not mexico. The item that i was looking at, it says it takes 5-6 days. Well you could get it in 2 days but you have to pay a lot in shipping. I could get it shipping for free. So i wanted to know would it be fine if i order it say a few days before i leave the US so when i get to mexico, then it would be here in a day or two as oppose to up to 6 days. Th
  5. I can't speak spanish at all...
  6. Well im sure this has happened to some of you in the US right? Thus imagine you have a brand new tv coming in and you have it shipped to your place via amazon from UPS and you are not home and it require signature. Then they do again next day and you are not home because you are at work or whatnot and figure they might come after 5pm etc. Thus if this happens, i believe amazon us would just have them send the tv back and you would just a refund right? But im curious how this would work in Mexico. I mean surely ppl bought something but let say it takes a week or two to arrive.
  7. What are you talking about? I know what trolling is. Exactly what am i doing to troll? I asked last time about amazon mexico such as if you had to create a new account if you had a us account etc. I eventually ordered the product and received it in a few days. It was a tiny electronic device and they did not ship it to the DHL office which i put as the address. I have ordered from mercado libre before twice and put dhl office and each time it showed there, i bring my id there and picked it up no issue. When i received the small electronic item i bought from amazon, the guy ca
  8. ... what are you talking about?
  9. Hi there thanks for that information. But does anyone know what would happen if you aren't at the apartment/house to pick it up after several times? Would they ever ship it back to amazon? Is it even possible to contact that place and said could you return it back to amazon mexico? And then get a refund back to your us debit/credit card or is that not possible? ' I ask this because let say you are in the US and want to order say a monitor with amazon mexico but if you do that when you get back to mexico, you have to wait 5 days at least since thats how it takes to ship. But if y
  10. Hi there thanks for the information. You mean your home in Mexico right? And is it in chapala? Im not located in chapala but in another part of mexico. But i like to know if anyone knows what happens if you order an item like monitor or anything and you are not home and don't pick it up. Someone says it gets sent back to their office. So they won't return it back to say amazon mexico? Because with amazon us... i believe if its a big item like tv or monitor and say ups is the carrier, they would have it sent back to amazon correct if one doesnt pick it up?
  11. Okay im curious but is that very far from where you are located? Also what if you dont pick it up? Does it ever get returned back to amazon.mx and you could get a refund or that is not possible?
  12. Hi there... so in the address i want it shipped to, i put my address? Then at that check out option, i put DHL address? Im not sure but i don't think i saw that option though when i did this last time? So it doesn't cost anything extra if i use the delivery point? Also do you or anyone know what happens if you don't pick up the item when they come over? In the US, i believe if that happens 3 times, they return the item back. But if its small package, they leave it at usps office but thats only usps. So what happens here if thats the case?
  13. Hi there want to ask something related to this. So what happens if you order an item on amazon mexico and then when they come to your apartment, you are not there or could not be contacted? Do they come the next day? Is there an amount of attempts they would do like 3 times and if you are not there, then what happens to the package? Does it get sent back to amazon mexico? If not, what happens to the package? Also would you be able to get a refund back to your debit/credit card if that is the case?
  14. Hi there i never heard of sol y luna and those other names that are mentioned. So they are throughout the entire Mexico such as like in cancun or around there? Well let say its a big item like a computer monitor. I assume fee for that would be high? So if i buy from amazon mexico, and i put the dhl office address just like last time, that mean 100 percent they would text/call me again and i give them my address and i go downstairs and pick it up? I do not mind this only if i know what day they are coming. Thus i don't mind spending the whole day waiting for them if
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