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  1. Not in the country I live in. Type "power bar" into google and see what I mean. It's usually has 6 or more AC receptacles mounted in a line powered from one outlet. Power supply or AC adapter is the common term for the brick shaped object supplying DC power to the laptop.
  2. She needs to buy another ac adapter (power supply) if they want to use both laptops at the same time
  3. I think she means "power supply" - the part you plug into the wall. It depends on the voltage, amperage (aka watts) and polarity of the connector You can find those numbers on the power unit itself. Normally the polarity would not change between models you can purchase a new one here for $10 CDN https://goo.gl/esDnGa If you click on the tab "how to purchase correct product it will show you what to look for. I have used this company and they are reliable James
  4. hi - I am a Canadian age 68 and thinking of retiring to your area in the next year or so. I will be coming down to explore for a month a least this January- February 2019. Currently I play alto Sax in a New Horizon Band here in Peterborough ON. Are there any groups in this area that play intermediate level music? Any interest in forming such a group ? Also sing in several choirs, some auditioned and some not. Any choirs there? thanks very much in advance James Burrett
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