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  1. Just to let you know that it is disconnected
  2. 1500 Litre LP tank, no rust w/ remaining gas. Must be willing to move it. Call Phil 3313408115 or email preitano@netzero.net
  3. 2 - Oversized Mexican chair, excellent condition. Changing furniture out. $4000 or B/O. Call Phil 331 340 8115 or email: preitano@netzero.net
  4. We have just traveled back to Austin. We were introduced to an Eatna plan there. Medicare advantage plan. PPO, better than we had with United Health care and they credit back $102 per/ mo for me and my wife. It is credited back to my SSI. So basically my plan costs us about $32/ mo as apposed to $134 / mo. They don't offer this plan all over, but is available in Travis county Texas along with come others. Anyone interested my want to check it out. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. I set up an account at Actinver bank across from Donna's donuts. Very accommodating and all I needed was my passport and tourist visa
  6. I have recently purchased a house in Chapala. I am still on a tourist visa. We intend to live here permanently and would like to get a CURP. Can I get that with a tourist visa or wait unit I get my permanent visa? Thank you for your help in advance.
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