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  1. Our last USPS first class mail arrived 7-10 days after crossing the border, which is why I got worried about the current delivery. Sounds like we got lucky last time:) Thanks everyone for sharing your experience, it has calmed our nerves. we'll sit back and wait.....
  2. Here is my tracking no from USPS in Texas: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?strOrigTrackNum=UA658533441US. Looks like it crossed the border on Aug 20th, but never arrived at my home. I have been to both Chapala and Ajijic post offices, neither has it. My intent for hiring a translator was to get a hold of the mailman for my township (RIBERAS DEL PILAR) and see if he/she recalls seeing it. I fear it was delivered to the wrong address. Needless to say, I can't afford to lose this mail. Anyone who can locate it, gets a free dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant, along with a lot of gratitude.
  3. Yes I need someone totally bilingual.
  4. I believe Post office opens at 10am today. how's about 11am?
  5. Hello, My friend needs to track down a package at Chapala Post office at Calle Degollado but his Spanish is terrible ( not much better than mine). If you have time to meet him there, please reply with your availability, hourly rate, and contact info. He'll make the trip worth your while.
  6. Thank you everyone for your suggestions, it' is very helpful. I hope someday I can return the favor. -D
  7. Good idea Alan. A walk across the boarder is worth saving $276. How is that boarder crossing on foot anyway? About the only border crossing I've done is from Blaine WA to Canada.
  8. Darn.... A round trip to San Diego is $400/USD. I assume there is a fine if I stay in Mexico till the end of the year on the current visa. Any idea what the penalty is? I plan to move on to Brazil in 2019. Thanks, -D
  9. Hello Spencer, I entered Mexico at the end of May 2018 and received a 120 days tourist visa which expires next month. My lease at Lake Chapala terminates at the end of the year. I am retired and would like to stay in Mexico for a year, before deciding on permanent residency. What is the easiest way to extend my visa? Can I walk into Chapala Immigration office, and request an extension? Thanks, Dale