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  1. Sadly a few dogs my neighbors own in one home have upset the applecart. Barking continually day and night. We have all spoken/written letters over many months but recently they have said we can move, the situation will stay the same. I am a single older one and have lived here 14 years but now I must find another one level casita because nothing can be done. I love dogs and cats but the continually barking has me and my neighbors going crazy. If you have a quiet area and a one level casita for rent I would love to know. Many references, I am quiet. I need good internet. Much thanks for your consideration. jwk063@gmail.com
  2. Would anyone know where I can buy a bag of the larger river rock? Approximately 3.4 inches wide by probably 1/4 inch thick? All I find is the small. Thank you
  3. Good Morning, I was in the states visiting my mother and made marmalade from the kumquat tree there. Was wondering if anyone has a tree of any citrus that is over laden with fruit? I would be glad to give a couple jars after I make it. Oranges, tangerines loquats or grapefruit. Much Thanks 3339665657
  4. HELP Does anyone know someone that can fix a leaky valve in my 2001 Bosch oven? I have used Jalberto for many things but he doesn't work on Bosch. I smell the leak when I bake...nothing wrong with the stove top just the oven.
  5. Looking for a nice furnished or unfurnished full Casita, 2 bedroom with full kitchen.... or small house or condo. Clothes washer available. 2 persons for one year or longer. We have lived here 12 years. We currently live on Lazaro Cardenas Ajijic and will need to move by Oct 1 but can anytime before. We would also consider a small house. Budget is 10,000 P. Please contact me at jwk063@gmail.com Thank you.
  6. If you need short term care for 12 hrs or a few days I can recommend this person. Stong, diligent and honest. Hard working and soooo kind and patient. She has her certificate in CPR, AED and First Aid and is still attending Auxiliary nurse courses!! I can't say enough about her. It is a gift! If your interested let me know and I will pass on your contact information. It was $500 p for 12 hrs. I think she works 3 days a week. jwk063@gmail.com
  7. Looking for a nice furnished full casita with full kitchen. Clothes washer available. One person for one year or longer. I have lived here 10 years. My boundaries would be La floresta to Chapala. $400 a month. I currently live in lower Chula vista and will need to move by Sept 20th. Please contact me at jwk063@gmail.com Thank you.
  8. Looking for someone driving to Albuquerque with an empty van that would like to fill it with personal items. Nothing big, clothes, kitchen stuff, art Will pay tolls and gas. Needed for the month of Sept.
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