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  1. Does anybody know the phone number at Ana's Telcel office (next to Alex's)? The numbers I have for her don't seem to work anymore (376 766 1254 and 333 115 5518. I've worked with her for several years, too, and have never had a problem. But she was supposed to call me today regarding a new contract I signed with her 2 weeks ago (and paid her for) but Telcel sent me a text saying my bill wasn't paid so I have no outgoing phone service. I met with her earlier today and she said she'd have things corrected and my service up and running in 30 minutes, but no such luck. I live in San Juan Cosala and would prefer not to drive back into the village if I can simply call her to find out what's happening.
  2. My Mexican license is up for its first renewal in March. I obtained my license in Ocotlan but prefer to renew it in Guadalajara. Thanks for the info about what documents I'll need to provide. Where do I go for this renewal and what is the process once I get there?
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