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  1. I apologize if this topic has been discussed before. I will be driving down on 3/1 and wanted to start getting all my documents ready.  I have read that the only document that I may need apostilles would be  my birth certificate which can be apostilles at my state Secretary office.  However, I seem to recall reading that other documents such as my pension and bank statement and other documents should also be apostilled.  Can anyone please let me know all documents that will need to be apostilled and if there can all.be done in the States? Really appreciate any help!

  2. I've been reading a lot about the area but haven't seen any discussion on the elevation impact for visitors. When I traveled to Quito which has a similar elevation, I had a few days of acclimation.  I'm assuming the same for Chapala.  Also, any help with the local water will be appreciated 


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  3. I'm 54 (today) and am planning my retirement to Lakeside within the next 4 months.  It will be me and my 2 dogs. Im concerned about the age situation.  I hope there are a decent number of professional singles in the 30-45 range. Won't know anyone and hopefully I won't get bored with no work routine.  Big and scary move, but I need a change. At least I don't think the money situation will be an issue down there.  Hope to be able to comfortably live  on a $3500 pension. I have other investments, if needed, and SS down the road.


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  4. I have to drive down because I'm traveling with my 2 dogs and I can have the car as needed. Don't think it will be easy to find a ride with a 140 lb. Bullmastiff (and/or a Frenchie).  My concern with a car is that after the 4 year visa, it sounds like I may need to drive back to the States. Not sure that I will be able to change to Mexican plates. Anyone know about this?

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  5. I’m also planning on bringing  my 2 dogs. I have a huge Bullmastiff baby that weighs 130 lbs. and a 30 lb. French Bulldog. I hope I can find a real nice 1 or 2 br modern apartment or house to rent in a desireable area.  I expect that my budget should be more than enough-$1500 (or more possibly).  My other concern is with the bugs, particularly scorpions and ants and the danger to my dogs. Has anyone ever heard of an issue with dogs and bugs? Thanks.

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  6. Okay so I've booked the flight, apt. and car.  Just need to get a ride to the airport and find someone to take care of the dogs.  Anyway, can someone tell me whether I need to install a sim card in my phone to use it while visiting? If so, are they available to buy in town? Also, are there farmacias in town? Thanks.

  7. Hey thanks Rick.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear about my travel schedule. I was planning on basically doing what you rvcommded. I just booked a quick trip for 3-1/2 days in mid-Sept.  I am only going for this trip to scout out areas and then look to see what the units are typically available in that area, and what the leases are like.

    I have a couple of other questions but I'll post to try he board. Thx.

  8. 6 hours ago, RickS said:

    There are a couple of ways to find rentals.... a realtor, property manager, local 'billboards', and just walking around. The only problem IMO is that one will not be able 'this summer' to secure a rental beginning October 2019. And surely not in 2-3 days.

    Best bet is to come down.... for a bit more than 2-3 days if possible.... just to get the lay of the land. Unless you've already been to Lakeside and kinda know what part you might like to settle in, a short visit won't be very productive IMO. "Looking for rentals" this summer will do you no good for October 2019 other than to get a feeling for what might be available and where.

    I would come down next month as planned to just learn more about the various areas that are available (from Chapala to Jocotopec is about 20 miles) and what life might be like living in one of them. Location, location location has never been more true than at Lakeside.  I personally would rent a car at the airport for that short of a stay to make the most of your available time. Then next summer plan on coming back for "a week" to secure a place starting in October 2019. Plan on renting for at least 6 months (no one will talk to you for less than that in today's market especially during the high season!). Rent for a year or more only if your are SURE that the place you pick isn't going to turn out to be a poor choice due to a lot of factors. It might be wise for you to determine what some of the 'factors' might be because unless you have lived in Mexico before you might be surprised about an otherwise 'ideal spot'.

    Many/most homes are 2BR, some 3BR generally with a lot of outside living space too. Finding a rental that allows dogs should not be too hard as many folks have pets. Your upper limit of $1,500 US per month should be plenty and, depending on your requirements, you could find a nice place that suits you from $850 up.

    I assume that you are familiar with what Mexico requires financially to decide to live here. If not, find out because there are specific requirements below which one is not welcome except as a Tourist.

    Visiting the Lake Chapala Society grounds is a good starting place. Also don't be timid in asking people about living at Lakeside. Just take everything with a grain of salt.

    Good luck in your quest.


    Hey Rick

  9. I’m new to this site.  I’m getting very antsy about retiring to the Chapala area.  I’m hoping that I can last 1 more year at work and that will put me at 55.  I will have a decent pension in the mid $40k range.   I have 2 dogs, one huge and another small.  I’m hoping to possibly fly down next month to scout the area out for just 2-3 days.    I will eventually make the long drive from SoCal next October. Obviously, I’ll want to have a rental in place prior to that. Can someone tell me the best way to find a nice rental that permits  dogs? I,ll likely want a 2 br unit in a desirable location.  I imagine that I can get a very decent rental in a good area around other gringos for $1500 (or much less).  Should I contact a realty agency or just drive around looking for rental signs?  If a realtor is suggested, does anyone have a good recommendation?  Also, is it suggested that I visit the chapala society or other group when visiting? 

    I have many more questions but I’ll save them for another posting..  Thanks for any help!

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