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  1. Thank you Rick. Sound advice that I shall heed.
  2. I am coming to Ajijic/Chapala next week on August 31, 2018 and staying for a couple of weeks. I am a male single senior citizen. A buddy will also be meeting me there. This will be our first visit and I’m hoping that I will like it. Using recommendations from this site, I have also made appointments with a dentist and eye doctor (thanks everyone on this board!!). I want to look at neighborhoods and houses/condos/apartments having 1 or 2 bedrooms. Are there agents/guides there who will act like multi-listing agents or have a good knowledge of the market so that I could see what’s is or might be available available? If what I like is a little out of town, I am not opposed to having a car. Any advice on how to establish a contact for a tour? I would not be opposed to paying for their time. Just want to make the trip productive. Jim US four-8-oh, three-1-six-oh-four-ate-six
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