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  1. Lol I'm a troll? I'm just a Enrique Iglesias fan who collects his CDs from worldwide since 1999. Otherwise i don't have so much time to waste on such a website. Btw i have just tried Amazon.com.mx but they don't have it because they are quite old CDs and kinda special. I'm looking for his Mexican edition; -Solo Me Importas Tu Promo CD 2000 -Mas Es Amar Promo CD 2000 -Bailamos Maxi CD 1999 Btw i don't really understand why it's so difficult; even almost impossible to register on mercadolibre.com.mx despite other Latin American Countries' mercadolibres such as Argentina and Venezuela. I tried at least to contact the seller but no way!!! Anyway i'm a genuine collector and would like to send some gift from Turkey in return the favor of the person. If someone would like to help me, please contact me. Greetings from Istanbul
  2. Hello dichosalocura, Thanks for your message. They are Mexican edition and they're not either on Amazon or Ebay. At least can you contact the seller for me?
  3. Hello Ferret, Thanks for your message. I like to collect the CDs of Enrique Iglesias from worldwide. That's why i'd like to purchase. Wish you a good day!
  4. Hello everyone, Sorry to disturb but i had to write down here to get some help. I'm from Turkey and want to get a CD of Enrique Iglesias from Mercadolibre.com.mx However I can't register the website somehow. I think it's not possible from abroad. Therefore I can't contact the seller. I would pay it by Paypal. Does anybody please help me to get the CD?? I would be much muchhh aprreciated!!! I can send a nice gift from Turkey in return the favor Saludos de Istanbul
  5. Hello my friend,

    I need some help about mercadolibre.com.mx 

    Could you please get back to me soon?


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