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  1. Can anyone provide current information on how many people are allowed to gather. Unfortunately our landlord wants to throw a party for extended Guadalajara family on property that we are currently renting and living on. Any information appreciated.
  2. Can somebody please explain; What exactly is an SP member?
  3. There's an underfed horse tied up next to the small Stone building almost directly across from the Ajijic Pemex, a few doors down from Charter Tours. It has no water and it's tied up in a garbage patch with its nose out to the sidewalk. If anyone has any ideas of who to call or how to help
  4. Leaving this week, room for 1 or 2 in comfortable CRV. 2 small quiet dogs on board. No return date. Share gas,+ toll, not driving Message chapalasky@gmail.com
  5. Thank you all for taking the time to help
  6. Happy holidays to all. I need to renew the registration of our car for the 2018 circulation card can anyone provide the address of the office and possibly a phone number to see whether they are open during the holidays. Thank you!
  7. Thank you everyone for your valued opinions. As a newbie, livestock, major potholes, water hazards, no reflective lines are things we did not know about for this stretch of road.
  8. Hello all. Your recommendations are requested. A friend is arriving at GDL at midnight. Is it smarter to stay in Guadalajara over night or is it safe / ok to drive to Ajijic at this hour?
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