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  1. Thanks blkgton, that would be very helpful. My PMs are open if you want to do it privately. This woman is 'well protected' legally -- at least that's what I've been told. HOWEVER her behaviour since the 'husband' passed away has raised suspicions that maybe not all is above board. When someone is gravely ill, away from old friends and family ( as most expats are in Chapala) they are susceptible to being manipulated. Aside from the serious issues of her having access to Birth Certificates ( of my adult children) and health records, income tax returns, bank accounts ( which are often controlled online from an email account) she also has so many items that are of great sentimental value -- some things that belonged to his Grandmother that our children would want, but mean nothing to her and are worth nothing. This is not the proper forum to go into details, but I will write this full story in Blog form in the next few weeks, hoping it will serve as a heads up! to people who might be vulnerable. S.
  2. Dear PRIVATE MESSAGE, I can't respond to you, are your PMs locked? Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Yes there are legal documents involved & I am taking steps to inform the proper authorities as she has refused to turn them in to me. I am the executor but I was hoping to avoid probating in Mexico. She has a son who shouldn't have access to these ID documents & I assume they are no longer 'secure' -- Thank
  3. Yes this is what I was told, which is why I inquired about her in particular in the OP. 😊
  4. Thank you Daisy. However, I am not in Mexico, which makes it more difficult for me to deal with this -- and of course, the person in question is taking advantage of this fact. She knew I was in Chapala for a week and initially told me she would give back the personal items, then she let the time drag on, didn't respond to texts and hung up on me when I tried to call to arrange a pick-up. It was only 1 day before I was leaving that she told me through a 3rd party to 'get a lawyer' --- I will be returning to Chapala for a visit in the Fall, but I am concerned that in the meantime, she will dispose of the items that she knows I want back -- all of which a personal gifts and/or items for my grandchildren. I don't understand how any woman with any self respect would be comfortable keeping sentimental items from a previous life that had nothing to do with her, but .... that seem to be the case.
  5. Thanks pappysmarket but I don't think Spence is the right person for this situation.
  6. Is there someone who could PM me the name & contact info for the English speaking attorney whose office is near LCS in Ajijic? I am needing someone to help me recover PERSONAL ITEMS from a home in Ajijic where the person to whom they were entrusted has died -- now the 'present owner' of the house refuses to return these personal items which were promised to family members. My PMs are open if you want more details -- I am worried that this person is planning to dispose of these personal items (such as a diamond set wedding ring & various other mementos) so I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give me. I was in Ajijic recently to collect these items but she refused access to the house, agreed to deliver the items then 'changed her mind' and told me to get a lawyer. Unfortunately I was leaving Mexico to go home the next day so I was unable to do this. Any ideas anyone?
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