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    Great painter and fixit guy

    Thanks, artsnob. I can use his services!
  2. elmyers

    Acrylic Paint Shopping

    Thanks gringal. I used to order from Cheap Joe's. I will check out their shipping policy to here.
  3. I had to leave my acrylic paints behind when we moved here last month. My go-to brands are Goldens, Novacolor and liquitex. I need to restock. I think I read somewhere on this webboard about a service that will deliver your USA paint supply order to you - for a fee, of course. Or would I have better luck shopping for art supplies in Guadalajara?
  4. elmyers

    Searching For Easel

    Thank you for the quick response, bournemouth and gringal. After taking a look at Judy's listing, I will check out the Have Hammers group.
  5. elmyers

    Searching For Easel

    I am an artist interested in buying a very sturdy/durable easel (new or used), or having someone build a wall easel. Please contact me at my email address if you can help: el57myers@gmail.com