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  1. CAT LOVERS Lakeside - URGENT ALERT Two months ago, there were about 50 wonderful cats of all colors and personalities in the Riberas Cat Shelter. Then there were 87, today (and I don’t know the exact number, but I think, over 100) in overcrowded suites, and at least another 20 or more kittens. Many people are going north, and not taking their cats with them, instead taking them to the shelter. There is NO MORE ROOM. Now they have to be turned away, and will end up on the streets. There is a DESPERATE NEED FOR ADOPTIONS. If you are in a position to give some of them a “Forever” home, please consider adopting one, two, three or more. Think about the JOY one cat gives you, and multiply that by the number of cats you will have. One cat alone doesn’t have another of its own kind to play with, cuddle with and love. If they have a buddy, they will not love you any less. I grew up with one awesome cat, the reason why I love them so much, but ever since, there have always been at least 2 or more. It is so much better to have a multiple cat household. Please visit the shelter. You can go in any of the 11 suites and sit with them, invite them to your lap, give them love, treats, or play. Shelter visiting hours are from 10 – 2 Mon - Sat, but the cats are more active between 10 and 12, and tend to take naps in the afternoon. Please treat yourself and the cats to some time together. Perhaps you will find one or more that bond with you.
  2. The birds I was writing about were in a cage in the "Pet Avenue" store in Chapala. They were no in my yard.
  3. UPDATE TO EARLIER TOPIC OF CRUELTY AND ABUSE OF BIRDS Went back to "Pet Avenue" this morning to get photos to take to the Chapala Ecology Department. And....THE BIRDS WERE GONE!! Several people responded to my first post saying..."Buy them and Set them Free". Perhaps this is what has happened. I am hoping for the best for those beautiful birds. Thanks to all of you who responded to this topic and especially to those who provided useful information.
  4. Apologies to everyone who has replied to my post about the birds in the transparent enclosure. I had the name of the place wrong Wow, what a dingaling. Thanks to Mattoleriver, (see picture above), it is the "Pet Avenue". I'm going there again tomorrow, and will get pictures of the birds. Also thanks to Sue for the information about reporting this to the Ecology Department. Does anyone know where that is in Chapala? and a phone number or email? Thanks to all of you! I need to see what can be done.
  5. Several people have asked for a clarification of the location pf the "Pet Place". This is on Hidalgo across from the Farmacia Guadalajara heading east toward central Chapala. It is a store that sells pet food and supplies. I didn't realize that there were other "Pet Place"s.
  6. I don't know if I am replying to just one response about my post regarding the Cardinals in a transparent enclosure in Pet Place, or if this will be visible to all who have replied. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I can definitely boycott Pet Place, because I never go there anyway, but perhaps we could get lots of people to do that. Does anybody want to help spread the word and get people to boycott that store? From most of the comments, I take it that there are no regulations in Chapala about prohibiting birds to be kept in transparent glass or plastic enclosures. Any cage is inhumane to me. But how could Pet Place be approached about at least putting those birds in a different type of cage? The 2 young people working there when we went in didn't seem to know much about what they were doing, and I don't speak much Espanol. Any thoughts on this? If I had a big aviary, and the pesos to get one, I would definitely buy the birds and put them where they could at least fly for more than 2 or 3 feet.
  7. We went to the "Pet Place" in Chapala today to get a pump for a bird bath. Near the door there was a glass or plastic enclosure that help about 4 birds that looked like Cardinals. i don't believe that this kind of bird is typically found in a cage. They were repeatedly flying into the glass trying to get out, hitting it with their beaks. They obviously didn't want to be in that enclosure, They are going to injure themselves. I believe this is cruel and abusive. Does anyone know if Chapala has a regulation against this, and how can the birds be helped and the procedure stopped.
  8. CAT LOVERS ALERT You are needed to give companionship to the cats at the Lakeside Friends of Animals Cat Shelter in Riberas. There are about 50 wonderful cats of all colors and personalities who need human interaction. You can just go in any of the 11 suites and sit with them, invite them on your lap, give them love, treats, or play time. They would all love a Forever Home, and the more interaction they have with people who love them, the more adoptable they will be. The cats are more active between 10 and 12, and tend to take naps in the afternoon. Please treat yourself and the cats to some time together. I think that you will find it a very rewarding experience.
  9. This is all 6 year old information. Does anyone have any more recent info? We will have to nationalize our car in December, and not sure if it is worth it. Are there any alternatives?
  10. Does anyone know where we can refill our 20 liter water bottles with purified water?
  11. Thanks for your input. We will research the chemicals in the future.
  12. Thanks. Another person said the Cynoff is very toxic to cats, so I don't think we would do that. Do the sticky traps work for all bugs, or just some, and where do you get them?
  13. Thanks for your reply. "X" could very well be the same person. I will check out FuMiGa for possible future problems.
  14. Thanks for your reply and suggestions. We will not have them again.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was careless in not supervising them closely. We don't have a maid anymore because we had a couple that we couldn't trust. I am hoping that if you have pets beware of the chemicals the exterminators use.
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