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  1. kelly8762

    Chevy Traker 2006

    Is this car still for sale??? I will be there in 7 days and need a car ---How much and what condition --miles? Engine ??
  2. kelly8762


    I meant 2 meg not 2 gig ----2 gig ha ha
  3. kelly8762


    I am staying at La nueva Pasada and we are gettin almost 2 gig so anything close to that works for me--I guess telmex is best
  4. moving here Sept 22 from U. S. need a small suv or crossover for 5 to 8000 $US. number is +19048591622. I have lived here before --Just need a car hopefully from a private party..
  5. kelly8762

    2012 Ford escape

    If this car is still for sale -please let me know
  6. kelly8762


    I have comcast in Florida and speeds are as fast a I can move the keys and mouse—-I lived here 10 years ago and the internet was basically dial up—So I don’t expect high speed (remember I lived here before) but I need to know what is the fastest internet service I can get and how much in lower Chula Vista ( behind cafe Montana)
  7. Are there Padrons or Fuentes available anywhere or can you have them mailed in
  8. kelly8762

    2005 Mercury Mariner

    Coming to Ajijic Aug 16 please call 1 904-859-1622 then if you still have it