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  1. Thanks exyyz, do you feel it is easy to get by without Spanish in GDL for the license, or is an interpreter recommended? And by the way I am mid fifties so it doesn't seem jumping the queue is available for me.
  2. Wow, thank you all so much, this is very helpful. Yes my question was for a drivers license (I realized I put car license, oops!).
  3. Hi, great to connect with you all, and see such a vibrant community in a convenient location! I hope someone can clarify for me if you can obtain a new (first time) Mexican car license in Chapala. I have seen conflicting comments that you can and cannot, I understand you could a few years ago but it seems you cannot now, is that right? I have a Temporal and CURP number. If Chapala is not available, it seems Guadalajara is the place particularly if you only speak English (my Spanish is very minĂºsculo). I hear it can be very busy at the Mobility secretary in Guadalajara, so any tips on what day
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