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  1. Hi does anyone know where I can buy flavored olive oils/ vinegars? Would I have to go to Guadalajara, and if so where? thanks helaine
  2. We are looking for someone to paint a mural on one of our outside walls and don’t want to spend a fortune- lol Any suggestions would be most appreciated. thanks
  3. Is there a new law, within the last six weeks that says a temporal visa holder cannot buy a Mexican plated car?
  4. Hi all, is anyone (especially Spencer) aware of a recent change in the law preventing a temporal visa holder from buying a Mexican plated car?
  5. Well, I put car rentals in the search box before I posted and only house rentals came up...……….???????
  6. Hi All, Who/where in Ajijic would be a reputable place to rent a car for a few days? Thanks in advance. Helaine
  7. We have t mobile, and yes, it works everywhere, but I think you have to set it up in the states. (I'm not a techie, so correct me if I'm wrong)
  8. This is a very funny story. When we lived in Ajijic years ago, we were driving to the states, with our 13 lb poodle. We were about 1/2 way to the border and tried to find a pet friendly hotel. We drove up to a Hampton Inn, I think, and the guard came out and said, no perro. So we kept searching. I know, I know, we should have gotten a room in advance. Not being able to find a room, and it was getting dark, we went to a restaurant parking lot, took the clothes out of the small suitcase, put the small dog in the suitcase and my husband, checked into the Hampton Inn, while I waited in the car. The guard kept following us while we parked, because he knew we had the dog. Then we rolled the dog in with our other suitcase, went to sleep, rolled the dog out in the morning. The guard couldn't figure it out. Perfect little quiet dog..... No flames, plz Just a funny story. Dog is at the rainbow bridge, so no longer an issue with finding a room in Mexico!
  9. Love it! my favorite saying is as follows: the one thing that never changes is that everything ALWAYS changes.... im 10 yrs older too😩 im sure we’ll still love it, as we did before .
  10. Yep it it has a new transmission and an extended warranty. Maybe we will keep it. my plan would be to stay, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.....lol But, we have to get there first! h
  11. It wasn’t someone from a chat board.....
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