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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded. I feel pretty clear on what to do now! Dear bmh, I am so sorry for your loss and a special Thank You to you for sharing your knowledge at such a hard time for you.
  2. Hi Everyone, I think this is my first post here after living here for 4 years and this is important to me as a 60+ year old, as my 80+ year old parents have just moved here. Before that my S.O. and I were thinking of making arrangements, as we're been told that you need to have those in place before you die. And we've also been told over and over that, whatever you do, when a death happens, don't call the police! Someone recommended the San Francisco Funeral home in Chapala. Any comments on that or on any other good locations? Thanks for the help. SS
  3. The home we're renting includes all the utilities, except for the propane which we pay directly and get a receipt for. Has anyone used that sort of bill/receipt as proof of residence, to open an account with any of the banks here? Or do you think I'll need something like a Telmex or CFE? Those are in the landlord's name. Thanks in advance for your input.
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