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  1. Exactly, retirees. We may have to wait until that time comes. Will definitely do more research, as suggested.
  2. Oh, of course I get their reasoning for it, totally understandable, but anyone who is not yet retired and has a monthly income from NOT working is by definition independently wealthy. Or maybe just "financially independent"? independently wealthy : Possessing enough wealth that one does not need financial support from others or income from employment.
  3. Someone else said that too but I had my doubts and checked at the Mexican Consulate website. I thought it just said "income" period, but I could be wrong. If that's the case, then they definitely only want the independently wealthy and retirees to be able to get temporary residency. And as you say, we could try that 180 days visa method. But your particular area is indeed getting pricey and isn't all that much cheaper than Tucson, so we may as well stay in the US... unless Handmaids Tale shit happens, and then we flee....
  4. What a novel idea. I take it you didn't read my post. lol!
  5. I may have ruled this plan out for now, but to speak to this issue: Thanks for thinking of that, that was helpful. I work for a press and asked one of our indexers, who lives in Israel, if she ever had a problem with that and she said nope, absolutely not. Nobody has ever turned her down because of where she lives. But great question!
  6. Not at all!!! I don't know what anyone else's replies meant, but I know I, as the OP, really appreciated all the info you provided and the time it took you to post it. It was all VERY relevant and most informative and doesn't insult my intelligence. What I have NOT found helpful are the judgmental naysayers who look down on people who are just looking for a better way of life. I am going to go out on a limb and get personal here. Yes, we're "paycheck to paycheck" with small savings usually earmarked for a trip. I'm middle class. I make $60K per year, have three children (two have just l
  7. I think you may be confusing REC with me, the OP.
  8. As I stated in my op, I literally just heard about this area/this idea 3 weeks ago now. Obviously medical is a huge question mark, and that's what I need to research most of all. I may have misrepresented our situation somewhat... we both work FT and have medical insurance through our jobs; currently we pay very little out of pocket because my Yale insurance is excellent. We're willing to leave that behind (not to mention a Yale pension) to move someplace warmer for our health and sanity. We both have retirement savings plans, but our day-to-day savings is often depleted by car repairs or
  9. Now that’s some good advice. I hadn’t heard that.
  10. Um, wow! I’ve never driven in a foreign country and the idea is scary but maybe... or maybe not. Lol.
  11. Thanks Kam! I understand making sure someone isn’t going into this all wide-eyed and clueless, but honestly, it seems some folks are here only to discourage more expats from coming. Your approach to medical sounds reasonable.
  12. We honeymooned in Bali a couple years ago. It was absolutely amazing, but you're right about the beach: it stunk. We stayed in Sanur for a few days at a place right on the beach, only to discover that the water is pretty shallow right up to the enormous seaweed patch, so no real swimming for us. We did go in the first evening, but just sat in it for a while. We went on a snorkeling trip right offshore and didn't see much either. And our requisite seafood dinner right on the beach in Jambaran was, without a doubt, both the most expensive and the worst meal we had in our entire stay there. I h
  13. Thanks Court! I didn't think of that! And yeah, local stands are also ok with us, too.
  14. Thanks very much for the sage advice. I do tend to get carried away with the fantasizing, looking up air bnbs and airfares before it's really time, but I also do a lot of research. I have started reading up on all the healthcare options. It's the scariest part, for sure. I definitely will NOT just go there hoping for the best. We do have some health issues and prescriptions. Good advice to check on that medical part before even taking that reconnaissance trip. I will do that. I thought that most day to day medical problems are affordable out of pocket? But we do have to think about th
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