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  1. Thanks so much. Good to get verification that my gut feeling was right, to do as you say.
  2. We are currently in Ajijic, driving a US plated car with TIP that expires in December. We plan to go north across the border for several weeks, returning until December when we will return north again (before the 180 days passes). When we reach the border going north, do we need to turn in any paperwork? Our plan is to start on the temporal/permanente process now in September. We asked on our southbound entry into Mexico and were told that we could just leave without turning anything in and then reenter, stopping to get the new "visa" marked canje when we return to Mexico. But I'm not sure if that is proper and hope someone can verify for us. Gracias.
  3. We are in Ajijic for the summer, plan to be back again for summers to come. Bought a house! How long can we keep returning before we become temporal or permanente? Seems to me that I'd heard we could come for under 6 months on the "tourist visa" (I think there's another name) for a limitted number of years before needing to have the temporal or permanente status. Related to that, is it true that if one of us is temporal we could continue to drive here with a US plated car? We were considering possibly doing that for several years before both becoming permanente.
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