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  1. La Casa del Cacao Southside of carretera on Blvd Jin Xin #62
  2. To show he is the last gentleman alive or simply attention-starving or foolishly believe he is morally superior than others?
  3. You can leave those with grown children or a relative until you make a trip north again to visit. Or if anyone close to you ever come down to visit you can have them bring at least the telescope to you.
  4. I agree the total retirees taking social security in Mexico seems too low. There may never be an acurate count considering the difficulties of such task. I'm suprised at the high number counts in Canada and especially Japan though.
  5. Number of US retirees collecting social security in Mexico according to US Social Security Administration data (Article appeared on Market Watch August 10.)
  6. Ha! "Quite capable?" You would have been there and got the number yourself if you were capable after all your googling.
  7. The mildly blended chili, lime and salt indeed has best flavor on almost anything. It comes also with a low sodium option.
  8. Wisenheimer? Intelligent adult doesn't toss words at anyone you like to pick on. I'm least impressed - never factual or logical.
  9. I really need a drink now and I normally don't drink.
  10. Lily H


    I find the answers myself before asking for help.
  11. It's allowed. I have one in my carry-on every trip.
  12. Maybe have your whole house professionally sprayed?
  13. Once you post something online, then people are entitled to their opinions and their maybe very informed opinions.
  14. Amazon.com.mx: alarm clock - 4 estrellas y más https://www.amazon.com.mx/alarm-clock/s?k=alarm+clock&rh=p_72%3A7073863011
  15. Have you tried your cell phone alarm or download an Alarm Clock APP?
  16. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/82837-annual-renewal-of-ca-registration/
  17. I am personally keeping my Verizon cell phone with unlimited plan. That covers all free calls and texts in the US, Canada and Mexico. When I travel, I use WhatsApp to call or text with people anywhere. Call quality is like I'm talking to someone next to me.
  18. Yes. Both the caller and the one receiving call need to have WhatsApp.
  19. Schwab's debit card with fees credited back to your account monthly.
  20. We brought any power tools that can fit in large suitcases on the plane.
  21. The Mexicans do send people back home. Hope that's your case. Just saying ...
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