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  1. Did you just appoint yourself this board's police? Picking on anyone you feel like? You must love the person you see in the mirror.
  2. I did say "How dare Walmart do such a thing?!" So it's a lesson. The shoppers should go to Customer Service right away to get it fixed.
  3. Overcharged 8 pesos? How dare Walmart do such a thing 😥?!
  4. People died yesterday must think the $80 pesos admission fee to Feria Maestros del Arte isn't all that bad.
  5. Monty Python - Life of Brian The Haggle scene: https://youtu.be/u75XQdTxZRc
  6. The items I put out there are free without additional cost after someone is enrolled and the premium is paid. The article you linked is on greater spectrum of costly medicare.
  7. Please don't spin us a yarn. Nothing on my front porch has ever been stolen 18 years living in the same neighborhood in a north country. Shitty things happen just about everywhere.
  8. Online scams are proliferating. It happens both ways to the landlords and the renters everywhere. My reason of not renting my house out - not making assumptions or judgements of anyone else - I'm just at peace if my house is orderly and spotless. Nobody can take good care of my house as I do. Also, in the social media age, it's better not to easily trust anyone at all.
  9. Agreed on "a very rude, unsmiling young male teller".
  10. People who eat celery sticks must like them a whole bunch. 😁
  11. This article explained the surcharge. Hope it helps. http://qroo.us/2019/08/12/using-an-atm-in-a-foreign-country-how-to-avoid-paying-too-much-for-the-local-currency/
  12. There's nothing you can do about the exchange rate. It's the surcharge you can choose to decline. Also, withdraw more in one transaction if your bank doesn't reimburse the fees at the end of the month.
  13. Push the decline key as your choice. The surcharge is not mandatory. I would rather give the surcharge to someone in need, not a banking institution.
  14. A question to ask you to accept or deny the surcharge appear on the screen before the end of the transaction, it is up to you to not accept the surcharge. The lower left side key works on this question. None of the right side keys work.
  15. I use HSBC ATM by Black Coffee Gallery withdrawing 15000 pesos at a time. Schwab reimburses bank ATM fees at the of the month when you withdraw pesos here at the day's exchange rate. There're quite few US banks do that but I've only used Schwab.
  16. Lily H

    Marisco Peters

    Healthy eating is an informed choice. It's okay if someone doesn't care about cholesterol, diabetes, heart health, blood pressure, and weight issues.
  17. https://www.ajijicweather.com/ Top right corner below ALMANAC on daylight hours
  18. I originally posted that after a conversation with a single retiree here. She didn't know such a thing. So she has never used any of those coverage when there is no extra cost on her part even though she goes north to visit family twice a year. Preventive care is just too important to ignore. Many retirees actively monitor and manage their own health regardless how much they don't like certain health care system, regardless if the government has failed its people. Even working with excellent doctors, I still will be involved in the decision process which needs to make sense to me.
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