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  1. Eric Blair, I'm sure you can find one with your research abilities without anyone's help.
  2. He may not do etched glass but sure is the right person to get an answer.
  3. Ferret's answer on Monday: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/86789-stained-glass-repair/
  4. Updated information is posted each hour. Nothing new in your post. So please: "If you have nothing to contribute to the substance of this post, please don't post."
  5. Eric, you're the Grand Poobah of not only coronavirus but women's butt wiping. Your words and thoughts sure sound intelligent in your head.
  6. That's self-important with inflated self-regard. You have NO authority on the coronavirus matter than any of us from daily reading but prefer the impressive expert title. How can someone feel so intelligent in your own thoughts?
  7. I'd call them before coming down here.
  8. Ask pharmacists at 1. Pharmacia Cristina 52 376 766 1501 2. Pharmacia Guadalajara 52 376 766 2156
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/natashagural/2020/02/12/mexico-not-france-had-most-profound-and-pervasive-impact-on-20th-century-american-art-whitney-curator-discovers/
  10. Cross-Border Mortgage offered by a few large Mexican banks might be a better option (through US or Canadian affiliates). The rate will be higher than current US or Canadian rate (@3.5% in US now for 30 year term) but a lot lower than Mexico.
  11. "Good fun" and "stick up for the principle"? I would like to agree with you but that will make both of us wrong.
  12. Why does the OP whine so much and so often? How insulting to put down these people who are doing something good. It shouldn't have taken much to offer compliments and kindness or say nothing at all.
  13. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  14. Inherited RMDs withdrawal within 10-year new law applies to all NON-SPOUSE beneficiaries.
  15. It's north side of Calle Lopez Cotilla (Which is north of the Mercado) and a half block west of Juarez.
  16. I'd appreciate it if anyone can recommend one or two golf instructors for complete beginners around Lakeside. Contact information and full name please.
  17. You can try the girl at Batterias para Reloj around the Mercado. Maybe she knows a place if she can't. I found she was very competent: Changed 2 old watches batteries while a reputable place in Ajijic couldn't open them.
  18. Perfect match. Thanks! There's a nest in my palm tree. Here's another picture for your amusement.
  19. Can anyone tell me the name of this little bird? I compared this photo with a goldfinch online but they look different. It sat on my head and hand for a while right in my back yard.
  20. Sorry for your experience at Walmart. I don't go to Walmart here nor anywhere else. I find just about everything I need from Tianguis, the mom/shops, the corner vegetables/fruits stores and street vendors.
  21. What eaxctly is your problem? Please do yourself a favor - Find yourself a head shrinker. You're blocked.
  22. Besides, each person's road forward is shorter than the road behind. Be kind goes a long way.
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