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  1. Al Berca is right. There's only required daily minimum wage of 102.68 pesos effective from January 2019.
  2. Computer Guy, Did I offend you with my opinion? I haven't written what is in my mind yet.
  3. I thought lakeside weather should result in better moods. How come we have hot weather syndrome: cantankerous, touchy and are on such a short fuse? Everyone was new at one time. Allow new people find their way: good or not too pleasant.
  4. Computer Guy: Before your next bursts of snapping and judging of other people, I suggest you take a really good look at every one of your own posting here. Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
  5. I have been reading this board since 2013. I have gained tremendous knowledge from many of you who willingly share. (For example, I have 14 seamstresses in my notebook in all of lakeside and have used 3 of them for different things. Thanks to those who shared.) I have also read so much weekly and sometimes daily the too often unnecessary quick tempered, know-it-all and ready to slam anyone at any time on any topic type of comments. My understanding is generally this type of person knew a whole lot less than his constant diatribes against people. Our baby boomer generation or the generation before were brought up to be good mannered and gentlemanly. What happened? How come very few are so loud, self-absorbed, quick to condemn, know-it-all, rude and so lack of empathy, especially towards your fellow expats? I hope more people will join me requesting "Etiquette Guides"/Board Rules to be reinforced.
  6. UDIs (Mexican unidad de inversión) is an index unit of funds used in Mexico. The daily rate is set by the Banco de Mexico. At yesterday Pete's appointment with his Notario, 700,000 UDIs ia about $4.3 million Mexican pesos, and that's the amount allowed as his capital gain excemption if he sells his house here.
  7. "It is the newbies who are the ones who do not understand the Mexican culture ..." Strange how the guilty always accuse the innocent.
  8. This is to no one in particular: Why one has to say and write all his or her thoughts out loud?
  9. Many people the last few years commented they have used Notario #2 in Chapala and liked him. We used him, too. He speaks excellent English, throughly and patiently answered all of our questions. (I don't have any ideas on the others so can't comment or reccomend.) Best luck on selling your house!
  10. It was 3 years in 2018 unless the law has changed. In the US it's 5 years you own it and live in it for 2.
  11. I have promised myself never write anything here again, only read for the great information (Thanks to many of you). Here I am again. My understanding of capital gain exceptions are if: 1. You're selling your primary residence, 2. You're resident (both temporary and permanente) with tax ID (RFC). One can make one claim once every 3 years based on if the land/yard isn't more than 3 times of the structure. The flat rate exemption is like someone mentioned earlier 4 million pesos. A couple can claim each of your own if it's the primary residence.
  12. Mr./Mrs. Pappysmarket, Please allow me to clarify. 1) "Legal advice": What I wrote does not qualify as legal advice. It was a calculation simply based on the formula of the Mexican holiday pay under the Mexican Labor Law. Once we know how much and how often the maid works during the week, we will find the answer. That is a hard fact and we can only come to one answer. This is not legal advice. The accountant advice from another post was great! 2) "On a chat board": "It seems some of us have forgotten that this board strives to be an informative, useful, and interesting place for prospective newcomers, newcomers, and old-timers to share information and get their questions answered. It is not here for the purpose of expressing one's personal rancor towards another poster." -From Moderator 2, posted April 27, 2010 3) "Given by a newbie": I am indeed very new on the webboard the last 3 - 4 days and signed up in order to mail something for someone back to Amazon. Does it matter to you that much that the person is a newbie or has been there for 10 years if the person is willing to put in the time, read the law, follow the formula, and get the answer? 4) "Recipe for disaster?????" Hardly! I have read this board for 5 years and taken lots of notes on a variety of topics. I do not appreciate the way you responded to a new member of the community. I hope all of the members here continue to allow me to read the countless informative posts! This is my last post on this webboard. Please save your time and energy and take a long breath before you respond to me or anyone else on any matter. It is good for your health and good for everyone who reads it. Mr. Rolly Brook was a still a kind, loving, and helpful man until he passed away 3 years ago. Respectfully, Lily
  13. I'm new here and haven't paid a maid yet but I think this is how it works. The pay is based on the DAILY PAY RATE. Your maid's daily rate is 85.71 Pesos: (200 + 200 + 200) ÷ 7 Days = 85.71 Daily Rate × 15 Required Bonus = 1285.65 Pesos (Your maid's Christmas bonus)
  14. Val, I created this account just to respond to your request yesterday. The last few years I have read and learned so much from all of you on variety of topics. So I appreciate very much the webboard! Of course, we have met some amazingly kind and helpful people each time we were there. I will PM you on my way there in August. Lily
  15. You're very welcome! I'll be happy to bring the old one back and mail it for you if you still need me to. Is around August 27th or 28th too late?
  16. Val, Believe I can help. I'm coming mid August to my house in San Antonio for a few days. I'll send you my NOB address if you email me. Lily
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