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  1. It must be hard for some people to differentiate between facts and fantasy. To say you are childish is an insult to children.
  2. The room in the lovely B & B is called the Mango Room where we stayed the second trip to Ajijic with all our grown children. Thanks for a good read!
  3. Call someone a bitch? I would wash your mouth with real soap and offer you a drink of soapy water to clean you inside and out. Please do many of us a favor to take a long leave of absence. Or please seek help, you're not well.
  4. You did your research and went to the doctor for a reason. You could have discussed the options of the medicine instead of venting on the internet for sympathy.
  5. Maybe hire this college kid and he can help you: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/87750-need-help-and-want-to-help/
  6. Why would you "hinted at it" but not specify your expectations clearly better for both parties?
  7. June 4th Thursday: 105680 - 101238 = 4432 June 6th Saturday: 113619 - 110026 = 3593 Take a week off the board will be beneficial to yourself and others.
  8. Please quote the Washington Post writer Sindya N. Bhanoo to be accurate. Not my words.
  9. Here is the article from: The Washington Post By Sindya N. Bhanoo May 26, 2020 Retiring to a sunny foreign vacation spot was the American dream. Now the coronavirus is forcing some expats to come back. Lured by warm weather and the prospect that their Social Security benefits would go further, a growing number of Americans had been looking to retire abroad. When the borders between the United States and Mexico closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, HernĂ¡n Drobny and Ann Barden, a retired couple from Michigan, swung into action. Drobny, a former physici
  10. The Lakeside is very lucky to have no coronavirus cases so far. Does it mean China hasn't 'sent plane loads of infected people" according to your analogy?
  11. What's this mumbo jumbo about? In the eyes of many people, China at least did something early to control the spread.
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