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  1. From the OP's question, we know she asked: 1) "Mexican plated cars", 2) "to Canada", 3) for "temporary visits" and 4) she asked for "reliable sources". No where says she's Canadian so I cannot make the assumption. She is very likely a Canadian, but can be a French, a Japanese, a Chinese or maybe a Belarusian just wants to tour Canada.
  2. The canadian government website is one credible source if I'm driving to Canada temporarily as a visitor with a Mexican plated car. Each Canadian province has its own rules. For example: A visitor can drive his/her own foreign plated car freely for up to 3 months but needs international driver's license for over 3 months.
  3. Nitrates are added to cure meats in order to keep meat in red color. The plumping process of 15 - 30% and some even 40% saltwater injected to packaged meat for flavor and freshness. Both are allowed in the US by USDA. As a result, the under layer meat changed color because it's soaked in water. We also end up paying some saltwater since it adds weight to the meat. So NO Walmart prepackaged meat.
  4. Enlighten me why tomgates isn't right? According to: Travel.gc.ca Visitors and tourists to Canada "If you are entering Canada as a visitor, ... you can temporarily bring your vehicle to Canada for your own use... it must be exported when the time limit of your stay has been reached."
  5. Lily H

    Juice not nectar!

    The store bought orange juice or whatever other juice , regardless if it's labeled 100% natural or 100% pure or freshly squeezed and packed or not from concentrate, it doesn't taste like real. The reasons are the juice producers have to take out the oxygen during the process and add orange flavors in the case of orange juice made of orange peels. The flavor won't be listed on the juice box because it isn't required by the Mexican Federal Commission of Sanitary Risk Prevention — the regulating body in Mexico responsible for food safety. So nothing is better than the freshly squeezed orange juice.
  6. Lily H

    Juice not nectar!

    Do intellectually sophisticated people ever claim they are sophisticated?
  7. And you announced his retirement online here before he has a chance to announce his own retirement himself?
  8. It is very important that the two witnesses and the notary all present at the same time during the signing. No relatives can serve as witnesses. Otherwise, the will is invalid.
  9. Why would a successful businessman not listen to and gain a few or more potential new customers? If someone is in the service business: It is never about the business owner, it should be all about the customers.
  10. Dreaming of Home and Mother (1851) John Pond Ordway (Composer) Cello https://youtu.be/C6K3vD_GtlI
  11. More details here: You can take more batteries if they are replaceable zinc-air batteries (e.g., 10A, 312A, 13A, 675A). You are allowed only Lithium ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries in the hearing aids, but not extra spare ones).
  12. Below is what I found out. You might want to check the airline you're flying with. "For personal use, there is currently no restriction on the number of spare batteries allowed in a traveler’s carry-on luggage. This means cell phone batteries, hearing aid button cells ..."
  13. All purpose kitchen knife sold by GOMUM on US Amazon. A simple and cheap aluminum lime squeezer from tianguis.
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