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  1. That's great speed, I just move here from Gaudalajara and used IZZI for internet. The speed was 50mbps. That's 20 more mbps than what your results show in speedtest. That's very slow for GDL. But it works
  2. Howdy, I just applied for social security and I call the Gaudalajara office and I get a recording. I've sent them about 15 emails with no response. Does anyone have the direct phone number for someone that works there. Thanks much for the help in advance. I have been calling . 333 268 0800 Best, Bill the Geek
  3. Howdy, You must have a very slow internet connection. I'm new in town, just moved from Gaudalajara. I have Telmex and Telcel for internet here. Telmex is very slow with 5mg speed. Telcel in usually 15 to 25mg. That's a big suprise that Telcel is so fast (for here in Chapala anyway). Good luck, Bill the Geek
  4. Howdy,

    I'm new in town and I don't know anything or anyone.

    I hope all is well and looking forward to this adventure.


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