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  1. Rick Sanchez

    Wedding Present

    The level of social strata will determine what kind of gift. I've been to modest weddings in dirt fields where the tequila was passed around to very high-end weddings where body guards were in plain sight, to a range of celebrations across the middle spectrum. All types of these were great fun, but you wouldn't be gifting the same way for all of them. As gimpychimp wrote, what is traditional in the village might not cut it in the city.
  2. Rick Sanchez

    180 Day Tourist Visa Calculation

    You know, there are websites that actually count calendar days for you if you don't want to do it yourself. Try one out. It's fun! 😊
  3. Rick Sanchez

    Fund raiser for local star

    It's right there in the very first post. It takes you right to the GoFundMe page. Easy - peasy.
  4. Rick Sanchez


    I'm sorry, but when a restaurant opens its doors to the paying public all bets are off. It's sink or swim time and if the owner doesn't know enough to poach, hire, or train good cooks and waitstaff, they don't belong in the business. And probably won't be for long.
  5. Rick Sanchez

    Best Way to find Rentals

    I feel that the most important thing to do right now is to be truly honest with yourself and your realtor/agent as to how much you are willing to spend. That amount will narrow down your search of houses, neighborhoods and towns and save you time and disappointment. You also have to be brutally honest about your noise/commotion tolerance. That, too, will help narrow down your location search. In my 12 years of life down here, I believe that many of the unhappy and dissatisfied people I've met wouldn't feel that way if they chose the proper location that suit them as soon as possible... and not some romantic notion of where they "should" live. Trust your gut and you'll be fine. Welcome to Mexico!
  6. Rick Sanchez

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    I know that no pizza down here will come close to what I liked "up north". And you know what? I don't care. To be able to eat a different, but yummy-for-my-tummy, pizza with a cold brew or two in snow-free, warm weather with like-minded friends with nothing on the calendar but lunch and dinner dates is a pretty good trade off. Pizza is like a pretty face; we all have our preferences, but does that stop you from looking? No. Unless it's a pizza-face. I don't know... I'll just let myself out.
  7. Rick Sanchez

    Lake Chapala water

    I'm not weighing in on whether or not Roundup causes cancer, but I had to chuckle cynically at the idea of an herbicide breaking down into fertilizer components which in turn helps more weeds to grow which then requires more herbicide.... It reminds me that fruit-flavored Tums contain citric acid, which can cause stomach irritation which then requires more Tums to relieve which then causes an irritated stomach... Ad infinitum. 🤔
  8. Rick Sanchez

    Guadalajara Abastos - Restaurant Recommendation

    More Liana is an amazing asset to this webboard and has probably forgotten more about Mexico, its culture and people than we will collectively know. Thank you very much for your contributions, More Liana.
  9. Rick Sanchez

    Northbound refugees in Chapala

    You are absolutely right, lakeside7. Canada considers itself a "cultural mosaic".
  10. Three weeks, if I recall correctly. We did it entirely ourselves and it was painless.
  11. Rick Sanchez

    Streetlight in Upper Ajijic

    I remember from years ago my older brothers had a pellet gun. They would pick off tin cans and paper targets and little plastic army men. If I recall, the occasional window got cracked and the odd light bulb popped. Funny how easily and often that happened.
  12. Rick Sanchez

    Looking for good redneck breakfast

    You do realize you are in Mexico, right?
  13. Rick Sanchez


    To get American Netflix, you need a DNS proxy service; a VPN won't cut it. And how do I know that I have Netflix USA? Apart from going into Settings > Get Help > Member, the easiest way is to see if you have the latest Star Wars movies. If you can play Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, you have Netflix USA; if you can play the original or The Empire Strikes Back, you are watching Mexican Netflix. Different broadcast licenses for different territories. Just because the menus and descriptions are in English doesn't mean that you are accessing Netflix USA. Waaay too many people down here are fooled into thinking that.
  14. Rick Sanchez

    Attorney Referral for Closing

    Kind of like suggesting someone seek out a doctor instead of relying on a webboard for medical advice?