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  1. As a sometime performer myself, I like to remember what a wise man once said: "Your 'boos' mean nothing, I've seen what makes you cheer."
  2. No, it means that it's a moot point discussing the installation costs when each fracc is different. To each their own.
  3. Well, each development negotiates its own cost... Depending on the number of houses and existing infrastructure, among other things. However, I can say with confidence that the fracc on the libramiento and my development are as different as chalk and cheese.
  4. Believe me, the fee that Telmex charged our community was not "massive" in any way. It was less expensive than iLox with zero headaches.
  5. I've been there twice in the past two weeks and although the gates are all removed, no one prevented me from either entering or leaving. In fact, with the chilly evening weather, they were very appreciative of the pesos I gave them for coffee. Found very good parking on the second level of the parkade, too. Good Karma, I guess.
  6. Telmex ran new fiber cable from the telephone pedestal into the house, and then connected it all up to the new fiber optic modem/router.
  7. We've had it since the summer and are totally satisfied. Have the 30 Mbps plan, but getting 50 Mbps for the same price. Yeah, baby!
  8. Telmex fiber in the west-end is working perfectly. 51.02 Mbps down - 11.77 Mbps up.
  9. Faxes are still considered to be very secure; governments and state departments all over the world still use them for good reason.
  10. Telmex provides a new model, specifically designed for fiber optic.
  11. We haven't been to El Sombrero, but did try Scallions for lunch a couple of months ago. Not good, not bad, but just "meh" in all respects. It's not worth a second chance when there are over a dozen tried and true places that we enjoy.
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