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  1. If only you knew how much disdain many Tapatios have for the slovinliness of the expats. "Hillbilly" is a close translation.
  2. Gotta agree with Jonny. Leave all attachments to nice vehicles up North. Down here, I would go inexpensive and as minimally functional as needed, and purchased in-country. Parking sucks, roads suck, parking lot etiquette sucks - you will get ding-ed, sooner rather than later - and we haven't even begun to see the car jackings and thefts that will happen down here in next few years. The poverty gap is widening, and stealing a nice car is a good equalizer. Sorry to sound so negative, but don't make yourself anymore of a target with your vehicle than you already are. Get yourself something that no self-respecting car thief's wife would be caught dead driving.
  3. I was going to bite my tongue, but I have to say that I pity you. How sad to waste the little time one has on this planet by being so cynical and bitter and toxic.
  4. Getflix. 100% reliable for Netflix USA and everything else for years. The free trial is nice, but I'd just buy a month at first for a few bucks to ensure it works on all your devices. There are numerous resellers of "lifetime" subscriptions, and because of this, their website states: US Netflix is supported on every device for 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month paid subscribers! Lifetime and trial accounts are supported on web browsers only. I just buy two years at a time. Excellent customer service.
  5. I can't speak to that, but because Telmex doesn't allow its modems to be modified in the settings menu, the DNS addresses have to be changed within the streaming device that must be connected via Ethernet. It's actually a very simple process. 😊
  6. USA Prime, 100%. Using DNS proxy, not VPN. I know what I'm doing.
  7. USA Amazon Prime Video account. 100% legal and legit and in 1080p resolution.
  8. Food and menu are just "okay" . No reason to go back with so many other better choices around town, and I live on the west-end.
  9. Works perfectly for us using it via the Amazon Prime Video channel.
  10. Hey, Jonny, maybe some of the above posters have you on "ignore" and didn't see your post.
  11. If that's the case, they're the only intelligent life on the planet.
  12. Rick Sanchez

    La Peceña

    I've been there a few times, and certainly enjoyed the food, but did find it a pricey experience with all things considered. As MC wrote, there are other options for the money spent. YMMV.
  13. The reason we're busting your b@lls is that you would rather post a question on a webboard and then wait for what could be hours for an answer that may or may not be what you want. Instead, you could use Google to find the information in less than a minute, and have many answers to choose from. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.
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