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  1. It's not Latin, per se, but rather standard placeholder text that's used in publishing and graphic design. Seeing it essentially means that the website isn't finished adding content. Literally... nothing to see here, folks.
  2. We've eaten there a few times and enjoyed it. No complaints. But because of the location, it falls off our radar; out of sight, out of mind.
  3. I've got a lovely bridge to sell anyone who thinks an accredited engineer had anything to do with this debacle. 🙄
  4. Depends on a combination of how good, connected, and/or expensive his lawyer is. I'm not being facetious, that's just the way things are.
  5. Have you checked the line from the pedestal outside of the house to its termination inside the house? An intermittent problem like yours might be fixed by replacing that length of cable. I know it worked for me a few years ago.
  6. Ernesto also stood us up on two occasions, knowing he had work to do. We had to get someone else to finish the job. Can't trust calling him again. Nice guy, but stretched thin.
  7. Five of us went there this morning, and I had the Italian omelette as well. Everything was excellent all around. People may wonder why we're going on about this place when there are so many other restaurants out there. Well, for me, it's not just because the food is very good... but also because the owners really want you to have a great experience. So many places here are indifferent to their customers, and get complacent. Not so with Sentidos. They are really busting their butts, and it shows.
  8. Went there today. I try to resist recommending restaurants, but I will in this case. It's run by a very nice young owner named Horacio. He was so gracious and friendly, and the place was super clean, bright and airy without being chilly at all on a January morning. The items on the menu were not expensive; very much in line price-wise with Cafe Negro and Cafe Huerto. We were very happy with the quality, portions, and service. Open 8 AM - 3 PM, closed Mondays. They're working on a dinner menu, but we were able to have lunch items during breakfast hours without any problems. They are very eager to please, and really seemed to have their act together. It's well worth a try. 👍
  9. As a sometime performer myself, I like to remember what a wise man once said: "Your 'boos' mean nothing, I've seen what makes you cheer."
  10. No, it means that it's a moot point discussing the installation costs when each fracc is different. To each their own.
  11. Well, each development negotiates its own cost... Depending on the number of houses and existing infrastructure, among other things. However, I can say with confidence that the fracc on the libramiento and my development are as different as chalk and cheese.
  12. Believe me, the fee that Telmex charged our community was not "massive" in any way. It was less expensive than iLox with zero headaches.
  13. I've been there twice in the past two weeks and although the gates are all removed, no one prevented me from either entering or leaving. In fact, with the chilly evening weather, they were very appreciative of the pesos I gave them for coffee. Found very good parking on the second level of the parkade, too. Good Karma, I guess.
  14. Telmex ran new fiber cable from the telephone pedestal into the house, and then connected it all up to the new fiber optic modem/router.
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