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  1. Dr. Haro's office did a great job. Not him for the extraction, a specialist from Guad. Extraction was very quick, painless. Going months with a fake tooth is annoying no matter who you go with of course. They took two very small lower front teeth out and we decided to put one pin back in, with two teeth on that one pin. There is a dark shading creating a 'line' between those two teeth. Color matched well, and I've had not problems, almost two years.
  2. Can you tell us where you're located? Nice that Telmex has up'd its game...
  3. I'm aware of Ifibra, but does anyone else have Telmex fiber, or Ilox in Centro Chapala? Locations is very close to Rinconito restaurant. Thanks!
  4. We're in lower Las Salvias and have not had water in 6 days- and we're on that lower tank on Tempisque. Upper Las Salvias had an issue starting about 7-10 days ago and a number of folks had to order trucks of water. The other night the power kept going on and off, for many hours, so maybe that wrecked the pump. Hopefully someone at Simapa knows about this?
  5. If you can upload the documents, go to notarize.com. We've used it twice successfully.
  6. Posting here because maybe a new restaurant is coming? New renters have painted the outside and are working on the inside...... Anyone know who/what is going in there?
  7. It has improved quite a bit for us in lower Las Salvias. Telmex right now via wifi is 30 down and 10 up- we pay 389 pesos and have usually had 8 down and under 1 up. We also have Ilox and are keeping both since I work online. Telmex went out the other day for all day, and Ilox has gone out twice since we had it installed- so at least we can jump off of one service and use another.
  8. I've seen signs at a dance/yoga studio on the caretera in Ajijic at 12B Calle Carretera Poniete - it's called Aissa and run by a woman named Dulce. There is a list of classes on the front- with a poster of someone belly dancing- assumed that was held there.
  9. Tuesday market, walk in from the parking lot entrance, take a right....walk all the way until you'll hit a table...take a left and she's the 3rd or 4th table down. Daniella, and she's lovely. I find it more potent than the kind I get at Prasad next to Telmex.
  10. Last year's rainbirds started in mid April and we didn't see rain until the 3rd week of June.....We've heard them the past 2 nights.
  11. For me and my husband, we have to get our U.S. marriage certificate and our birth certificates apostilled. So that's going to take a while before we can sign up. Looking for online options. The LCS woman was very helpful, but admitted that their printed list of requirements from last year was not updated to say "apostilled". I had certified copies with me, but that's not enough. I guess that requirement is new.
  12. Is there a (local to Chapala) facilitator to help enroll someone into IMSS? I have the paperwork ready, just not sure what to do next.
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