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  1. My 2 cents, buy something already build. Having title to a lot can take months to years. Building a new house come many a headaches and delays. Having gone that route I know. Recently I bougth a house that I am remodling and that has its own set of problems. Been at it now nearly a year and expect to have live in ready in other 3 to 6 months, that is if there is no other major problems. As a senior I dont have the time nor energy that it takes to construct a whole new house. Remember this is Mexico and things are done on mexican time. Better yet rent for a while. If you buy a lot you still will to need to rent, while construction is going on.
  2. Where lakeside can one have packages deliver? Where can Amazon and like, can delivery packages ? Where they will notify me when they arrive. Are there any such service sites, lakeside?
  3. Can someone please post the link to the " gofundme" account
  4. Question on having a US car on tempo. Does the car needs to be currently register in US in my case Calif. ? Say my current regist. expires while in Mexico.
  5. Whenever you have someone doing work for you , get it in writing. What is getting done , and how much they are charging you. This what happened to me, just a few days ago. Had living room tile removed and level (stepped down living room). I provided all the materials. We agreed to an agreed price for his labor, handshake. All fine till it came do the finish what they call "la capa". He informed me that was to be at an additional labor cost. What I done. I told him no thanks, a deal is a deal. I rather pay someone else to do " la capa" even if it cost me more, then to have him finish the job.. I don't like it when they try to hike up the agreed price. I paid him the agreed price and send him off. Im now looking for someone to do " la capa". Learned my lesson. Get it in writing !
  6. Be aware of builder that insist on brick over block. Brick is more labor intenstive, that equals more cost.
  7. Thanks, what to stay local. Easier to have it deliver. Now I still need tile layer and someone to level floor. It must had been popular at one time to have step down floors? I find them unsafe.
  8. I need to retile a small house and raise a floor ( concerte by a few inches) Need info where to find a tile store and tile layer.
  9. Where can I buy Mennonite cheese in or around Chapala?
  10. Uber used it several times back in April. Chapala to Guad, and airport. Cheaper than taxi. Just a bit of trouble getting Uber after sunset. One Uber driver was telling me that many uber drivers come to Chapala from Guad. and head back to Guad. af sunset.
  11. Someone mention TOB for us newbies what is TOB?
  12. Driving to Chapala in Oct. May go by way of Ladero. Plan to stop over night at Matehuala. Would like hotel/motel recommenations.
  13. Thanks for the information. Hope to meet you guys , when I am down there.
  14. Thanks The notarized letter can I have it done in US (in spanish) or must it be done in Mexico?
  15. My brorher and I will be driving to Chapala, (my car) from Cali in Oct. I plan to stay for a few months. My brother will only be down for a month or so. My question, will he be able to drive my car back to Cal, turn in the sticker and get back my deposit?
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