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  1. Set of nine etched wine glasses. Lovely for special occasions. 400 pesos Call 331-539-5491
  2. The Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America by Steve N.G. Howell and Sophie Webb 250 pesos Call 331-539-5491
  3. Champion Juicer 1500 pesos. Great for making juices from carrot to celery and for making nut butters. Call 331-539-5491
  4. Roland E-16 Synthesizer 61 keys with stand for sale 3500 pesos Call 331 539 5491
  5. When I try to use my Capitol One card with the billing address in the states, they want me to sign up for Prime in the states at $119 USD a year. A notice comes up when I've filled out the application for Prime that says I can't use the card because the billing address is not in Mexico.
  6. Does Walmart issue credit cards to Permanente expats in Ajijic. I need a Mexican credit card to get Mexican Amazon Prime. Any other suggestions?
  7. Does anyone know if I can use my Telcel phone service in the USA in California or Washington State?
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