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  1. Thanks for the information, folks! I believe Jalisco doesn't issue plates for golf carts, but they are allowed here. There is no home address listed on the card I received with the initial registration
  2. My cart's registration is due for renewal. The plate is issued from Guererro state. Does anyone know the process for renewal? Thanks! Bill
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for a palm tree trimmer? Any thoughts on what the cost might be per tree, per hour, etc.? Thanks!
  4. Thanks all! Especially the suggestion of the helicopter! Ha!
  5. I'm trying to find the most reasonable way to get from Ajijic to Guad and back. I need to get to Innovare hospital for an approx. hour appt and then return to Ajijic,
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I cross the Carretera all the time and sometimes right in front of the police, so I think it's ok to do. I do have a license plate on my cart. I crossed this morning at the light just to the east of WM, double backed to the mall, up the dirt path to Plaza Interlago did my business and back home to West Ajijic and am still in one piece. Yay!
  7. Great! Thanks for the reply.
  8. Can I cross the Carretera just east of WalMart in my cart to get to Centro Laguna and then up the dirt path parallel to the Libramiento to get to Plaza Interlago? Thanks!
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