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  1. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions here. I went to Ajijic on the 12th and interviewed 7 Assisted Living/Nursing Home facilities. Most seemed reasonably solid, though there were about 3 standouts. I'm debating how much I want to say publicly about them, either here or on my blog. But if anyone has questions, PM me and I'll tell you what I know. The search was surprisingly exhausting, and I came down with some kind of flu/bronchitis toward the end of my trip and I've been laid up here for about 4 days. While I'm still coughing, I'm much better. That's why
  2. Hola BMH! I had thought about Abbeyfield, but it seems like it's geared toward people who are more independent than my mother. That said, as long as I'm in Ajijic, it's probably worth at least a call or visit. Thanks for the thoughts and have a great day!
  3. Signatures can be forged easily enough. Remember, your signature isn't a rubber stamp. There are little variations each time you sign, and over a period of years, a signature could well vary. Also if no one knows there's another copy, then they don't have any reason to believe that a false will with a forged signature is false. IMHO (and I'm not a lawyer), you really need to have someone who will survive you have a copy of the will, and for that person to have some idea of what the will says. That way there's someone who is capable of spotting a false will, and who will have the proof to back
  4. Hola Xena, Yes, I figured as much. The question is why it was programmed that way. I'm trying to like all the replies to my post as a way of thanking people. I don't know why a programmer would want to prevent that. My guess is that there's some kind of 24 hour limit since it started happening last night and I couldn't do any likes this morning either. Saludos!
  5. Hola REC, Thank you for your feedback. This is EXACTLY the kind of input I've been looking for. I've got an appointment for Casa Nostra next week, so it's definitely under consideration. Thank you!!! By the way (to all), I'm no longer allowed to "like" posts. I'm not sure why, but I got to a certain number of likes and now the system is telling me I can't do more. Weird!
  6. Hola Bisbee Gal, Thanks for the links. Somehow while searching, I did not find either of those sites. I'll have to look into them. Thank You!!! P.S.I had found some places in CDMX, but ruled them out as my mother needs a place with a lot of English speakers as she doesn't speak Spanish.
  7. I just tried to get to this page, but got a 404 error, "page not found." I'd love to read the info, though. Also the first link on this topic on page one doesn't work either. Edit: This link does work: http://www.chapalalaw.com/Driving.pdf
  8. Hola Gringal! I grew up on the SF peninsula and lived in Los Angeles when in grad school, so our paths have probably crossed some time in the past 30 years. I appreciate you sharing your background and suggestions on Chapala. Thank you very much! Saludos and have a great evening!
  9. Hola HoneyBee! I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's sudden death, but it seems like Casa Nostra was a great place for her. That's EXACTLY the kind of feedback I'm looking for here, and I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to reply and share your experiences. Thank You! Saludos and have a great evening!!!
  10. Hola Gringal! Thanks for the info, particularly on Chapala. I certainly plan to give either lakeside or GDL a try for a few months, and definitely plan to be around for the initial months of my mother's transition. As for me, I'm just a big-city boy by nature. That's my biggest objection to living lakeside. I loved the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, all the people, museums, restaurants, activities, and general craziness going on at all hours. Here I'm in Redding, CA, a beautiful small city nestled in the transition zone between the northern tip of the Sacramento Valley and the mo
  11. Hola John! Yes, I'm going to be personally visiting all the places listed next week. And if I could find a few more places, I'd visit them too. Hopefully I'll learn of some places while I'm there. As for my mother adapting to change, we shall see. She's pretty adaptable. And while she would prefer to stay in her current home, she has accepted that that isn't really possible. If nothing else she has a great attitude. Thanks for the specific comments on Alicia's (which I'm scheduled to see on Friday) and Casa Nostra (which I'm scheduled to see on Wednesday). Have a great day!!!
  12. Hola @lakeside7! Thanks so much for the reply!!! I'm going to land at GLD on Tuesday evening, and will personally visit all the places listed above. My plan is to weed out the obvious "no's" and then bring my mother back to see the places that I think would be nice for her. But the final decision will be up to her, as it's her life. At this stage of her life, she needs assistance more than nursing. Which is to say that mom's kind of achy to be doing much housework or cooking, but not bedridden or particularly handicapped, save for needing a walker and tiring easily. Of course as sh
  13. P.S. @Gringal. Yes, I'm in total agreement that dropping an elderly relative into a place in Ajijic and then returning to a full-time job in Canada or the USA is a bad idea. That has NEVER been my intention. By the way, I left a lot of details out of the initial post as it seemed to me to be a lot to ask people to read the whole, long story. Saludos!
  14. Hola Gringal, My plan is not just to drop my mother somewhere around Lake Chapala and then bid her "Adios!" However exactly where I might live, whether that be on the lakeside, in Guadalajara, or elsewhere remains an open question. My longstanding desire has been to live in Mexico City, and in fact I lived most of 2016 there. But now that strikes me as a bit far to see my mother very often if she's in Chapala/Ajijic. What I'm envisioning is at a minimum some kind of transition period where I live either lakeside or in GLD so that I can see my mother frequently, observe the facility up c
  15. Hola RV Gringo! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will be around to look after my mother, though where exactly I'll live remains an open question. As for visa, yes, I'm hoping to get my mother a resident visa. But the first step is to find a place where she could be safe and happy living, and then see if she really wants to live there. What are your other concerns? Perhaps I could address them. Thanks!
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