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  1. Thanks for all your insights on scorpions... a variety of opinions... I saw a movie once - took place in a foreign country. They put something - a common substance - in the windows to repel scorpions, but I don't remember what.
  2. Yes, I'm planning a 2 or 3 week visit, but I've never physically been to the Lake Chapala area. I've been studying it for years - the more I read, the more I"m looking forward to it. Tonight, I just printed lots of maps to see where the various places are that I want to visit and to see the proximity of one to another... planning to visit the Lake Chapala Society, the American Legion, Walmart, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, the Malecon along the lake in Chapala, several restaurants, several massage therapists, and much more... So as of now, I'm planning to stay in the Chapala - San Antonio area - close to all of the above-mentioned places. I just hatched an idea today - instead of staying in just one place, I'll stay at a B & B first 5 nites, then at two different hotels for 5 nites each. That way I get to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the area from different perspectives and locations... I know that there are such big differences as you go from one town to another - or even from one neighborhood to another... as in any town. I'll also spend a few days in Ajijic - sounds great, but we need to really conserve money - we have a dependent adult son that will be staying in the states, but he still needs a lot of support... long story... We plan to eventually relocate and want to rent a unit in this Chapala-San Antonio area for the first year or two. When I visit, I'll be looking at 2 BR furnished units - maybe in a gated area (for my wife). We want a balcony or a deck. She wants a small flower garden to work on her own - she loves gardening! I'm a little concerned about the scorpions, spiders, ants, etc. that I've been reading about... Last night I just read the 2018 report on the health of Lake Chapala by that engineer who's been doing all the work - very encouraging! I'm learning so much from the various webboards - thanks so much for your help.
  3. And thanks oasiscloud... don't know much about Riberas... I'll check that too...
  4. Thanks, Dan M. I'll check out both San Antonio and La Florista!
  5. Thanks, Travis. Yes, that's good advice and what I plan to do. I like to do a lot of reading and research ahead of time so that I can check out certain features. But I certainly realize that what one person likes and recommends doesn't necessarily match another's. That's why I never ask what a waiter recommends. Thanks!
  6. I'll be visiting either Chapala or Ajijic for 2 weeks - then hoping to relocate. I read an old discussion from 2016 debating the pros and cons of Chapala vs Ajijic. So now I'm thinking of visiting San Antonio, exploring both towns and maybe living between both - living in San Antonio would offer best of both worlds? What do you think?
  7. From Computer Guy... called it 2016 thread...sorry, new to all this...
  8. What does "failed fracc" Riberas mean? 2016 thread...so is it closed now?
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