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  1. Are you trying to make a joke, tiny ? The blueberries are not a part of the actual pancake mix. Just a topping. The lady More Liana appears to be a very smart woman.
  2. I also cold smoke salmon which I actually prefer over hot smoked. I grew up in Kenai, Alaska and the native neighbors taught me how to cold smoke. The belly strips are the best cold smoked as that part of the salmon has more fat and is the tastiest..
  3. More Liana, Just read the "Mexico Cooks" article. Excellent... Thanks. Please send the name and directions.for the town " La Cuna del Maiz" . I'd like to vist there. More Liana. Thanks for the good info. I'm not a social media user, so don't join Facebook ,etc. , but I'm interested in all that is traditional. And I hadn't done any research on the commercial masas and assumed there were additives of one kind or another. Still, the commercial masas are a very poor substitute for the real tortilla.. Like eating farm raised salmon compared to a nice fresh Copper River Red salmon.
  4. Thanks, More Liana. Like you say , nixtamal tortillas are the REAL tortillas I am referring to. Answering El Bizco, -- no, the commercial masa mixes are not nixtamalized. Try the REAL tortillas. You'll discover a huge difference. The tortillas made from Maceca or other forms is very inferior to the "Original" nixtamalized tortillas.
  5. Had good replies on smoked fish and pitahaya. Was in Mazatlan a couple of times in the last 6 months. Asked at more than a few restaurants if there were any that serves the ORIGINAL nixtamal tortillas. Couldn't find any. And didn't have time to find any tortillerias that might make them.. Did find that there are some specialty tortillerias scattered around Mexico that still do produce them though. In my first visit to Mexico in 1961 the ONLY tortillas were nixtamal. If you've not familiar with nixtamal tortillas or never had any, you've missed the VERY best of Mexican tortillas . So good that you really don't need to put anything on it. Anyone know if these are available around Chapala ? Maybe Guadalajara ? I'd love to get get them when I arrive in Chapala..
  6. Thanks for the replies. Seems everyone here in Alaska has their own receipe for smoking fish... I agree, hot smoked, moist,,, and depending on the person additional spices are added. No spices for me though. I've smoked a variety of fish for 50 years and if smoked right most all are good, even the Mackerel ! But most fish that are not an oily fish are difficult to smoke so as to not dry out. Even more so, if you've ever tried eating fresh fried or baked Mullet, which I do NOT like, when It's smoked correctly, It's very good. Ever tried any smoked Sturgeon? Excellent eating. At 120P for a small piece of smoked salmon is about US$6.. Be nice to know the weight for what you are paying for it per pound.
  7. Thanks.. Salmon and Trout only ? Remember the price of either ? Suppose there would be any market for smoked filetes of other fish ? Mackerrel, Snapper, Grouper, etc. I'm from Alaska a d thinking of starting a smoked fish biz in Chapala.
  8. Should have excluded smoked Marlin as this seems to be the only smoked fish I can find.
  9. 😫😫 Anyone know if good smoked fish is available ? And if there is or would be any demand ? Preferably ocean fish rather than freshwater..
  10. Thanks for the input from all of you.. .. Read the attachments sent. Apparently a very short season and perhaps not so much production there in Tachaluta. And from a few videos found on UTUBE for the festival in Tachaluta, the majority of plants seem to be Pitaya of the tree-like form. I'm familar with the Pitahaya from Nicaragua where there is a fairly large production of it, and this type there is the Pitahaya, vine like type, which produce around 20 fruit per planting, if planted in the traditional manner.
  11. New to your web. I will be in Chapala in August to look at relocating there. I'm interested in the Pitaya festival in Tecahluta .. Has anyone been there for it who can tell me about the amount of production, price of Pitaya per each or per kilo? Thanks.
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