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  1. 'Hi, this is Mike. Called you four days ago (he hadn't) and I've not heard from you. Any chance you have sent the money?' Mike I've been so busy I didn't get a chance to get to OXXO. The OXXO in my neighborhood is closed due to Covid-19 now so I can't. And.... since I know you are the phone scammer I'm going to ring off now. Adios. He called about 2 years ago... perfect English, deep male voice, very professional, very friendly. Just be aware.
  2. More than likely Cedrico is referring to a product called Penta-dragon available at the source he cited. Poisonous, be careful, brush on liberally then if possible rap in a plastic trash bag and seal for 24 to 48 hours. Air out for a day or two then resume use. Penta has a very strong odor so be prepared. Worked on antique Bali, Chinese wood carvings and as mentioned equipale furniture. Cheers.
  3. Gov. Alfalfa has decreed the necessity to keep the 'sanitary stops' open and functioning at increased scrutiny until 1 July, 2020. At that time he and his advisors will reassess the need and make further arrangements. Hours of operation will be extended to curtail the seepage and flagrant abuse of the currently posted hours.
  4. Bulk dark chocolate (70%) sugar free, and sugar variety available at the Granario by weight. Located next to Gossips, lake side of the high street a few meters west of the Veracruz coffee vendor's truck.
  5. (HMO) is a network or organization that provides health insurance coverage for a monthly or annual fee.
  6. Hola, standard 389 peso level service contract with Telmex no interuption or slow down at San Juan Cosala, Jocotepec. I don't know about the upper Fracc of Racket Club. Perhaps Cedros will inform ya'll of the service there. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. March, 2019, I purchased my replacement lenses from www.sanborns.com.mx/categoria/140803/lentes-de-contacto/. Shipping charge was 50 pesos. No prescription form required. They have a wider selection than Costco.
  8. Found this listing on Mercado Libre, MX... free shipping. Several others listed as well.
  9. Not certain of the type you use however the 30 and 50 watt, LED, sealed units are available at Amutio and Casa Plumero in the Ajijic area. Two of ours are still going after 2+ years. A smaller 10 in the carport lasted a year and half. These are square sealed units with a mounting bracket with lead wires ready to connect to power source. under 500 pesos
  10. I have used Dr. Victor Youcha in the past years. ... Dr. Youcha. West side of Ajijic in the big Gym building, downstairs. ... ...Dr Youcha is licensed in mexico. He's help my back and shoulders. No where near the prices this posting shows.
  11. NO power.. this time they cannot blame it on the wind, the rain, etc. Calm, clear and cold. San Juan had power, the Oxxo, Pharm.Guad, and Red Cross on the church glowed all night. El Bizco "Whenever this happens (which used to be often in the RC´╗┐)," It is often, once every three or four weeks it's out for several hours or like yesterday 23 hours. They need a better system than the extension cords they use now. Buyers beware, the views are beautiful; service utilities are substandard to say the least.
  12. DRA. Lili charges $400 pesos for a full hour of deep tissue and muscle massage. It's not just one of those feel good and relaxing rubs. She is a certified medical doctor who unfortunately suffers from glaucoma which has diminished her eyesight. I've been going for almost a year and find her very professional and thorough. Her room at the Hotel Perico is clean and professional. Parking is not a problem at the hotel.
  13. Cedars - This is the largest tiangus in the southern region of GDL - be prepared to walk and view rows and rows of used cars and trucks. Refreshment stalls and toilets available. My nephew has purchased here several times. Just open sales, no contracts or guarantees. What you see is what you get. Si?
  14. Now that all the commotion has settled at Hotel Perico and the neighborhood, Dr. Lilli will be keeping appointments as usual. She said the situation is calm and the police are no longer blocking the area.
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