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  1. Call Carlos, 333 903 5891. Installed 2 for us, nice guy, speaks english.
  2. The Mexico online Apple store usually delivers in one day, I have had good luck with them.
  3. Does Sky satellite still have a lakeside office? I am moving and need my dish moved. Thanks.
  4. If you mean the Google mesh range extender, I use it an am very happy with it.
  5. Jorge Rivera Escuela Canina in SAT. 331 576 0935, he is on whatsapp.
  6. Lots of good options on airbnb in Condesa and Roma, great neighborhoods for walking and exploring.
  7. (edited by moderator to remove gratuitous personal comment)
  8. Anyone using sky satellite for internet? If so, does it work as advertised in terms of speed and reliability?
  9. Don´t discard the expired registration card, you will need all of them when you sell your car.
  10. I bought Levis from Amazon Mexico, large selection of styles and sizes, good price, 2 day delivery.
  11. Asking is the purpose of this forum. Rude comments isn´t.
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