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  1. You should remember that if you earn money in Mexico you need to get a tax number and pay income tax here.
  2. The online Apple store Mexico delivered my Air in 2 days, no problems.
  3. We also used Arturo and Leticia with good results. 331 280 6773, he is on whatsapp and speaks english if that is important.
  4. My internet was installed same day I ordered it. It has been fast, 15 ms down, and reliable ever since. I have telmex for backup but rarely need it. The wizz tv is not so good, I have other options.
  5. I installed trial directv go, only english channel I see is CNN. Many american shows, but spanish is dubbed in. What am I missing?
  6. Thanks for the help, uninstalling and reinstalling worked
  7. The BBBA app on my android phone hasn´t worked for several days. Anyone else?
  8. I paid online for a grocery pickup at the store. When I got there, nobody knew anything about the order, even after I showed them the confirming email indicating it was paid.. They said they would send it to my house later but I would need to pay again as they did not have a record of my payment. I said no thanks, I would not pay twice. No refund so far.
  9. We have used Arturo to completely redo our back garden, removal of old plants and shrubs and planting new trees, shrubs and flowers. We are very happy with the results. He and Leticia own the nursery next door to La Paceña restaurant in San Antonio.
  10. Call Carlos, 333 903 5891. Installed 2 for us, nice guy, speaks english.
  11. The Mexico online Apple store usually delivers in one day, I have had good luck with them.
  12. Does Sky satellite still have a lakeside office? I am moving and need my dish moved. Thanks.
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