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  1. If you want to make sure someone is there to pick you up call my friend Jose 331-862-6888 011+52 if calling from outside MX
  2. I just went through this and used Diego Guzman 331-880-4487 in chapala
  3. I love my dentist Maria Lourdes in Chapala 765-2800 very reasonable priced
  4. I use Jose Miramontes 350 pesos an hour and he also translates when I need it, carries everything for me and is just a delightful personality to spend time with when shopping. 331-862-6888
  5. I just had the plumber here for the same reason and he said there is a great deal of sediment in the water. I am changing the UV filter and the water treatment system filters and hope it is the answer.
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