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  1. Great advice Chillin. Thank you. I am very open to living in a Mexican neighborhood and renting from a Mexican. Looks like dollar will go even further now.
  2. Thank you for all the suggestions. I will keep on looking.... These are my preferences but I am flexible.
  3. Hello Lake Chapala community! I am coming to Lake Chapala from Dallas, TX for one month in May/June (I will know the exact dates later) and looking for a small apartment/studio/casita for one person (myself) in Ajijic, west Ajijic, San Juan Cosala or San Antonio. Being close to hot springs in San Juan Cosala is a plus. It needs to be on a QUIET street yet very close to buses and taxis (important, since I can't walk distances). I need to have a full kitchen. Would prefer a bright airy place with an outdoor space, a balcony and/or nice view. Budget 6000 pesos. I am a responsible, quiet person, don't smoke, don't party, coming to explore the area, visit hot springs, and for medical travel. Thank you. Elizaveta
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