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  1. That’s absolutely ridiculous... all Thai food is NOT spicy... and if spicy like curries and larbs they vary and may or may not be really spicy. Pad Thai is a bland dish that one adds spices to. There are always condiments on the table in Thai restaurants.... chiles inc fresh or in vinegar, sauce, fish sauce, etc. This is exactly the way it is done in Thailand. Thais will ask for their level of spice. I have Thai friends who can’t take spicy hot. Perhaps you are talking about eating at a friend’s home in Thailand where they love 🥵?
  2. Thanks to the two people who responded with PMs, with referral info for someone who can help. She will make appointments with both people.
  3. Traderspoc... didn’t get PM. Could you email bzk2405@gmail ? Many thanks.
  4. Hi. Does anyone know if there is a U.S. financial advisor/small retirement planning for someone who has lived abroad for many many years. My friend who is visiting for a month desperately needs to talk to someone with knowledge. The situation is difficult as this person was repeatedly hacked, lost most of her savings etc. She has a nest egg that wasn’t touched and a Roth IRA. The hacking has now turned into cyberstalking. It’s a horrible situation. I would be grateful for any information on someone who can help with a referral here. Please please do not comment or provide advice on hacked accounts/cyberstalking... that is not what she is asking for help with. Please PM me. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Lisa plagiarizes .... she steals articles from other publications and publishes them as her own, in her rag. As Kam says, she is not a reporter.... but she does like to present herself as an investigative journalist. What a joke.
  6. Ajijic Steam Clean (332) 385-0410
  7. And.... Panchos Deli delivers! Pancho is the best.
  8. Rodrigo (Rodri) is on an extended bicycle trip throughout Spain, and then France, Italy, and who knows where else. He was so excited while planning this trip... hard to say when he will return.
  9. According to the Director of the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology (IAM), of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........the rains will begin later this year, around the beginning of July , and will last later. There will be isolated showers earlier but they will not be the start of the season. https://traficozmg.com/2019/05/lluvias-llegaran-tarde-a-jalisco-udg/ Lluvias llegarán tarde a Jalisco: UDG 23 de mayo del 2019 Independientemente de las lluvias dispersas que pudieran presentarse en las próximas semanas, será hasta los primeros días de julio cuando comience formalmente el temporal en Jalisco, por lo cual los agricultores habrán de tomar sus previsiones, sobre todo porque se espera un comportamiento errático y escaso en las precipitaciones, aseguró el Director del Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología (IAM), de la Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........
  10. Harry....what did Hector say? Was it El Gordo, a look alike, or was he perhaps given a few week’s notice, before moving on to greener pastures?
  11. We were super surprised to see El Gordo on the carretera today in La Floresta. Several times. He sure didn’t look gone....
  12. Hi, I bought a new six burner stove... “empotrable” or recessed. The stove is slightly wider than the old one and a tad higher. Sooooo, who do I get to install said stove? Assuming I need an electrician and an albañil... but know zip about such things. Advice? Recommendations? TIA.
  13. Wow, negative negative ... I was so pleased a place could see me and take an X-ray and care for my aches and pains... Ajijic Clinic Hospital didn’t have a tech on call, they claim 24 hr hospital status.... and their X-ray is old and achy anyway or it was..... the cost was a bit higher than Ajijic Clinic on past visits. I for one am thrilled we are getting better medical infrastructure.
  14. Well funny.... guess what? Saturday morning... day before Easter.... I was the first patient (I think) of the new hospital owned by Dr. Carlos Garcia, of Maskaras. I fell in the night, not gently. They took an X-ray, put me to bed for a long nap, gave me (non narcotic) pain pills as I am allergic. Etc. Very attentive young doctor (she speaks English if you need it). Lovely staff already working and clearly staffing up. They are clearly putting all the finishing touches in, and I believe the MRI is installed. The hospital isn’t huge, and the west wing is for “locales” or shops. I will see Dr. Gonzalez (he’s good, and been around for many years), the ortho, this week. I think the cost was $3,500p in total. The hospital is directly in front of Chula Vista. I’m sure there will be more news soon. So, Santiago Hernandez, looks like Maskaras beat you to the punch.
  15. WOMAN MISSING IN AJIJIC MUJER PERDIDA EN AJIJIC An elderly woman is missing in the Ajijic area. Her name is Judith Barr and she suffers from dementia. She is wearing a blue shirt and pink baseball cap. She is 82 years old, 5’10 and thin with shoulder length gray hair. Please contact her husband Leo Girard at 3322262200 if located. Se busca una señora mayor perdida en Ajijic, que se llama Judith Barr y sufre de pérdida de memoria. Trae puesta una blusa azul y gorra rosa. Tiene 82 años. Es alta (1.85m) y delgada con cabello gris hasta el hombro. Si alguien la ve comuníquese con su esposo Leo Girard 3322262200 (probablemente sólo hable inglés).
  16. Seriously? Royally reamed? When writing negatives about Lisa Jorgensen? Hard to fathom. I am Sur e only newbies subscribe to her rag, mostly plagiarized of course, and then drop her as this OP is doing. She’s a crook. Period.
  17. I buy biodegradable plastic poop bags ... suppose you could use them for food waste as well.
  18. So you are saying that an agreement with Guadalajara covers the entire metro area? Each, its own municipality... so did each of the five zones sign an agreement with Uber .... I am well aware that Chapala is its own municipality and does not belong to the metropolitan area, but gee, thanks so much for the heads up.
  19. Al, interested in the source of your info re the alleged negotiated agreement. I’ve been reading articles, recent and past, and as well as Semov ....for an hour and find zip about Uber’s (real Uber’s with app etc) agreement not to work lakeside etc. Also if there is such an agreement, why wouldn’t it cover the five metro areas ( Guad, Zapopan. Tlaquepaque, tonala and Tlajomulco de. Zuniga)?
  20. Computer Guy, that is not exactly what was said. We have a ways to go to determine what may or may not be planned, what may or may not have been agreed to (by Javier? By ?) and must definitely wait to see what both Oscar España says, as well as the colonos etc. At the moment, although Dionicio Morales has also given us some very good background, we have no transparency. This government, as often in the past, has not told the public the truth of so many things. Just as an aside, Chapala, Jocotepec, and Ixtlahuacan are still the three least transparent municipalities in Jalisco.
  21. Bettinka


    We ate there tonight, four of us. I don’t mind paying these prices if the food is exceptional along with service. The place is large... with both inside and patio seating, but there was no one eating inside and the patio was packed. The waitstaff are all nice, but need to be a bit more attentive. Those kinks will of course work themselves out. Meanwhile, the steaks were good, but came very rare and we had to send them back, the hamburger was so so. The small size Garufa salad (which looked bigger) was 100p for iceberg lettuce, tasteless tomatoes, sautéed onions and a mostly tasteless vinegary dressing. We were surprised, (but shouldn’t have been) when we got the bill to see a charge for each iced tea...a narrow glass of watered down iced tea for 38p. We also had to ask for water. Oh, the creamed spinach though was yummy! And I hate spinach! We spent an average of 750p each. A lot for mediocre food. BTW this Garufa is indeed part of the Garufa chain. The manager confirmed that to me... they are in Zacatecas, San Miguel, El Paso, Aguascalientes and not sure where else. We’ll stick to Tango for Argentinian.
  22. Many thanks to all of you, particularly Carmic and Lakeside. My friend called the woman who manages JJ’s things here... no answer and will keep trying. If anyone has the name of the nursing home, that would be great. I will also call around to see if I can locate her. Again, thank you.
  23. Hi all, a friend of mine is an investment/money advisor in Florida. The bank that Ms. Vollmer had some of her accounts in, has not heard from her for a very very long time. She lived here in Ajijic, and would be about 92 years old. They called her old local number but were told she no longer lived there. Someone mentioned that they thought she had gone into a nursing home, but that’s not confirmed. There is an address in Atlantic Beach, Florida, but no telephone number associated. So, if anyone knows what has happened to Jacqueline Vollmer I’d be grateful if you could let me know. If she is here, and still living, can you let her know that her investment bank, Fidelity, is looking for her. Many many thanks.
  24. Yes, as lloyd520 said alprazolam is generic Xanax. Googling that in both Spanish and English : Brands: Xanax, Alprazolam Intensol, and Xanax XR Availability: Prescription needed Pregnancy: Consult a doctor Alcohol: Avoid. Very serious interactions can occur Drug class: Benzodiazepine And Joco69 it is very difficult to find pharmacies today that will sell controlled substances over the counter. Just try to buy them at Farmacia Guadalajara or Cristina, or other reputable pharmacies without an RX and tell us what happened. There are of course those pharmacies that will sell and get away with it. I use Lorazepam for sleep and get a scrip from my doctor every few months.
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