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  1. Lisa plagiarizes .... she steals articles from other publications and publishes them as her own, in her rag. As Kam says, she is not a reporter.... but she does like to present herself as an investigative journalist. What a joke.
  2. Ajijic Steam Clean (332) 385-0410
  3. And.... Panchos Deli delivers! Pancho is the best.
  4. Rodrigo (Rodri) is on an extended bicycle trip throughout Spain, and then France, Italy, and who knows where else. He was so excited while planning this trip... hard to say when he will return.
  5. According to the Director of the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology (IAM), of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........the rains will begin later this year, around the beginning of July , and will last later. There will be isolated showers earlier but they will not be the start of the season. https://traficozmg.com/2019/05/lluvias-llegaran-tarde-a-jalisco-udg/ Lluvias llegarán tarde a Jalisco: UDG 23 de mayo del 2019 Independientemente de las lluvias dispersas que pudieran presentarse en las próximas semanas, será hasta los primeros días de julio cuando comience formalmente el temporal en Jalisco, por lo cual los agricultores habrán de tomar sus previsiones, sobre todo porque se espera un comportamiento errático y escaso en las precipitaciones, aseguró el Director del Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología (IAM), de la Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........
  6. Harry....what did Hector say? Was it El Gordo, a look alike, or was he perhaps given a few week’s notice, before moving on to greener pastures?
  7. We were super surprised to see El Gordo on the carretera today in La Floresta. Several times. He sure didn’t look gone....
  8. Hi, I bought a new six burner stove... “empotrable” or recessed. The stove is slightly wider than the old one and a tad higher. Sooooo, who do I get to install said stove? Assuming I need an electrician and an albañil... but know zip about such things. Advice? Recommendations? TIA.
  9. Wow, negative negative ... I was so pleased a place could see me and take an X-ray and care for my aches and pains... Ajijic Clinic Hospital didn’t have a tech on call, they claim 24 hr hospital status.... and their X-ray is old and achy anyway or it was..... the cost was a bit higher than Ajijic Clinic on past visits. I for one am thrilled we are getting better medical infrastructure.
  10. Well funny.... guess what? Saturday morning... day before Easter.... I was the first patient (I think) of the new hospital owned by Dr. Carlos Garcia, of Maskaras. I fell in the night, not gently. They took an X-ray, put me to bed for a long nap, gave me (non narcotic) pain pills as I am allergic. Etc. Very attentive young doctor (she speaks English if you need it). Lovely staff already working and clearly staffing up. They are clearly putting all the finishing touches in, and I believe the MRI is installed. The hospital isn’t huge, and the west wing is for “locales” or shops. I will see Dr. Gonzalez (he’s good, and been around for many years), the ortho, this week. I think the cost was $3,500p in total. The hospital is directly in front of Chula Vista. I’m sure there will be more news soon. So, Santiago Hernandez, looks like Maskaras beat you to the punch.
  11. WOMAN MISSING IN AJIJIC MUJER PERDIDA EN AJIJIC An elderly woman is missing in the Ajijic area. Her name is Judith Barr and she suffers from dementia. She is wearing a blue shirt and pink baseball cap. She is 82 years old, 5’10 and thin with shoulder length gray hair. Please contact her husband Leo Girard at 3322262200 if located. Se busca una señora mayor perdida en Ajijic, que se llama Judith Barr y sufre de pérdida de memoria. Trae puesta una blusa azul y gorra rosa. Tiene 82 años. Es alta (1.85m) y delgada con cabello gris hasta el hombro. Si alguien la ve comuníquese con su esposo Leo Girard 3322262200 (probablemente sólo hable inglés).
  12. Seriously? Royally reamed? When writing negatives about Lisa Jorgensen? Hard to fathom. I am Sur e only newbies subscribe to her rag, mostly plagiarized of course, and then drop her as this OP is doing. She’s a crook. Period.
  13. I buy biodegradable plastic poop bags ... suppose you could use them for food waste as well.
  14. So you are saying that an agreement with Guadalajara covers the entire metro area? Each, its own municipality... so did each of the five zones sign an agreement with Uber .... I am well aware that Chapala is its own municipality and does not belong to the metropolitan area, but gee, thanks so much for the heads up.
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