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  1. Poncho. Pancho is a name, as in Pancho’s Deli for example.
  2. We’ve all heard the rumors, year after year, of a Mac Donald’s and other things going in where Flora Exotica is now. Hasn’t happened thank god. However, yes, there are rumbling rumors in the Mexican community that a Mac D is indeed going in, in Ajijic on the carretera, where the old Jessicas Tacos used to be. The building is being torn down and the smallish overgrown area next to it is being cleaned up. No one I know has heard anything concrete, just those rumors. Waiting for someone to confirm or deny.......
  3. The Mexican community has extended the invitation. There are many many people not happy about this absolute mess. See the top post by Taaffe.
  4. My African godson has been studying for a masters in Wuhan! He was able to leave for Beijing before they cordoned off Wuhan. He’s a 6’6” strapping young man and taking what precautions he can. Right now he isn’t nervous, just very careful. I’d prefer it if he’d just go home, but flights to various cities in Africa are non existent. There are many many Africans studying throughout China, on scholarships.
  5. Chillin. Not exactly the info I was looking for. I’ve been here a loooong time and am quite happy thank you. It’s called putting all your ducks in a row.... and I don’t relish the idea of going head to head with a Transito or a federale.
  6. Once upon a time Spencer posted where to find your temp import permit online .... I checked some years ago and found myself/my car. I went back to check later and the online records only went back to 2007. My Japanese made car (vin begins with J) is 27 years old, with low mileage and it keeps on ticking. Since I brought my car in 16 years ago I have had three passports, the one I came in on, the next ten year passport, and last year a third passport. I know my car is horrendously “chocolate”... but I am having an internal battle over what to do. I guess my questions are how would th
  7. excuse me...but the only mention of the states is that like there, debts are turned over to collection agencies. My experience was here, right here in little old Mexico. And...newbie? After 16 years? And fluent Spanish. And 36 years in Hispanic countries. Hmmm. P.S. I also said: “ Go immediately ... like tomorrow....to a good lawyer like Azucena Bateman at ABC Legal or Spencer as someone mentioned above. You do NOT want to deal with this alone. Trustme.”
  8. This is absurd. From a very bad experience, for a loan a friend took out (my name does not appear anywhere) the banks will turn unpaid debts over to a debt collection company as in the states. They will call at all times of the day, and often several times a day. They are trained to be nasty, accusatory, and generally rude. Once I was told I was a liar and a thief. This can go on a year, or more, seriously. Eventually depending on the amount the case may be turned over to a lawyer. Police are NOT involved. No one came to my house in that manner. Were these regular municipal police, st
  9. Who knows anything anymore... mine was out until just now, went about 2pm, here in the village. Friends in west Ajijic had none, friends west of them had none, and so on. I think this happened a week or so ago too... frustrating. But the thing that takes the cake is my second infinitum account. I have internet in the casita, and have for 16 years (remember dial up). This account covered the main house in many spots. Sooo, I finally had Telmex install internet on my second tel line for the house in October. It worked great for three months. The other day the modem went a bit berserk
  10. I have ADT and am in process of cancelling the service. I’ve never been broken into...this small street is quite safe, but wanted more peace of mind. The problem is...if the alarm goes off, ADT will alert the police. But.... I have an electric garage door with a street door in it which is how you enter the property. So, the alarm goes off, a thief is inside, and the police cannot break in...not permitted. Said potential thief then goes over a back wall with whatever and the police have no idea and can do nothing. Have discussed this with ADT and other alarm companies, it’s the same... a
  11. Yes, sorry, Bisbee is correct. It is your supplemental policy that would cover an emergency. As I said above, people should contact their providers for correct, current info..... and call Medicare itself with questions or concerns. Below is a response I received to an email I sent regarding the “150” different Advantage policies etc. that are theoretically accepted by Hospital San Antonio and Lakeside Medical Group. Phillip Moeller is something of a Medicare guru The letter I sent to Moeller: "I live in Ajijic, Mexico. I have Medicare A, B, and AARP UHC Plan F. I also hav
  12. Seriously, we have been over and over this subject. Medicare A and B don’t cover anything outside of the U.S. Medicare, in certain cases, will cover emergency medical services if something occurs during the first sixty days of travel. It’s actually very easy to confirm this, rather than listen to what someone said.... go to the Medicare site, or call Medicare as many of us have done. Or talk to the company you have your supplemental policy with. In my case it is United Health Care AARP plan F. The various Medicare Advantage plans may cover some things outside the U.S.....but that y
  13. That’s absolutely ridiculous... all Thai food is NOT spicy... and if spicy like curries and larbs they vary and may or may not be really spicy. Pad Thai is a bland dish that one adds spices to. There are always condiments on the table in Thai restaurants.... chiles inc fresh or in vinegar, sauce, fish sauce, etc. This is exactly the way it is done in Thailand. Thais will ask for their level of spice. I have Thai friends who can’t take spicy hot. Perhaps you are talking about eating at a friend’s home in Thailand where they love 🥵?
  14. Thanks to the two people who responded with PMs, with referral info for someone who can help. She will make appointments with both people.
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