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  1. I have ADT and am in process of cancelling the service. I’ve never been broken into...this small street is quite safe, but wanted more peace of mind. The problem is...if the alarm goes off, ADT will alert the police. But.... I have an electric garage door with a street door in it which is how you enter the property. So, the alarm goes off, a thief is inside, and the police cannot break in...not permitted. Said potential thief then goes over a back wall with whatever and the police have no idea and can do nothing. Have discussed this with ADT and other alarm companies, it’s the same... and personally I don’t want an electric fence or barbed wire, which will block a portion of our view and is just plain ugly. Now going to just put in cameras, inside and street door.
  2. Yes, sorry, Bisbee is correct. It is your supplemental policy that would cover an emergency. As I said above, people should contact their providers for correct, current info..... and call Medicare itself with questions or concerns. Below is a response I received to an email I sent regarding the “150” different Advantage policies etc. that are theoretically accepted by Hospital San Antonio and Lakeside Medical Group. Phillip Moeller is something of a Medicare guru The letter I sent to Moeller: "I live in Ajijic, Mexico. I have Medicare A, B, and AARP UHC Plan F. I also have high deductible major medical private insurance here in Mexico. Expensive, but worth it. I go up to see my PCP and other specialists. And i have Drs. here. Lakeside Medical Group here says they accept about 150 different insurances. In particular they say they accept many Advantage plans including United Health Care. After due diligence I cannot figure out how this group does it? Is it worth giving up my WEA insurance for Mexico and changing my Plan F to an Advantage plan? Below is in its entirety from their website: “What is an Advantage Plan?” “Some Medicare Benefits have supplement plans which might include the Foreign Travel Benefits. These benefits are extremely limited. A better way to go is with a Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO or any well known Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans are sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” and are offered by private companies approved by Medicare.” “Medicare 800x800 Medicare pays these companies to cover your Medicare benefits. In general to qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan you must have Medicare Parts A and B” How can this work in Mexico? Lakeside Medical Group participates as a provider with many of the big name Medicare Advantage Plans like United Health Care, Blue Cross, Aetna, AARP Medicare Complete, Humana and many more. Since these companies are private insurance companies, but approved by Medicare, we are are able to accept them for coverage in Mexico. Do I still have to pay for Deductibles and Co-Insurance? NO. Patients join medical groups for many reasons including being able to enjoy highly subsidized deductibles and co-insurance. By joining our medical group you will not have to pay any deductibles or co-insurances. Patients are not responsible for a percentage of billed charges or deductibles. How To Obtain Medicare Coverage in Mexico as a benefit under a Medicare Advantage Policy (Lake Chappala - Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta now, other areas coming soon) Medicare Advantage Plans are different than Supplement Plans. Please see below. In order to get a Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as a Medicare Replacement Plan: Step 1. You must have Medicare Part A and B Step 2. You now must obtain a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) from a private insurance company such as United Health Care, Humana, Aetna, BlueCross, and many other big name insurers. Sometimes Medicare Advantage Plans are called Part C Plans Step 3. Go to this link at https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/home.aspx Step 4. Enter you zip code of your US address that Medicare has on file for you Step 5. Select the options on the Medicare form that are included in your Medicare Coverage. Step 6. Select the best Advantage coverage Company/Policy that fits your personal needs. If you already have Medicare Advantage (MA) call Lakeside Medical Group to be sure they accept that Company/Policy for full group health coverage while in Mexico. Lakeside Medical Group accepts most Advantage Plans. TOLL FREE WHILE IN MEXICO: 01 (800) 681-9396 TOLL FREE WHILE IN US: 1 (888) 449-7799 Once confirmed with Lakeside Medical Group, register With Lakeside Medical either over the phone or using their website at www.lakemedicalgroup.com Lakeside Medical Group In addition to the above Medicare Advantage Plans the following Medicare Supplement Plans D, E, F, G, M or N are accepted by Lakeside Medical Group Lakeside Medical Group accepts the Medicare Foreign Travel Benefit. Supplement Plan is either D, E, F, G, M or N. These plans include the Medicare Foreign Travel Benefit Foreign Travel Emergency Coverage Benefit has a lifetime maximum of $50000.00 USD. The care rendered must be of an urgent care or emergency nature The emergency must be within 60 days or your trip”" No Response from Mr. Mueller in part: Medicare Advantage (MA) plans do not cover care in Mexico. Some Medigap supplement plans, as you note, do cover emergency care outside the U.S., but it is limited and usually has a $50,000 cap. I have never heard of a Medicare Replacement Plan. Thanks for taking the time to write, and best of luck. Phil Moeller Philip Moeller Author, Get What's Yours for Medicare Co-author, Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security “Ask Phil” on PBS NewsHour Twitter; Linked In Disclaimer: Notice: I do my best to provide accurate information about Medicare, Social Security, and other aging and retirement issues. I do not claim infallibility. Before acting on what I write, you should contact the pertinent agency and, if you’ve got one, your own adviser. Welllllll, I don’t know... maybe I’m just beating a dead horse and eventually I’ll be proved wrong, right, whatever.
  3. Seriously, we have been over and over this subject. Medicare A and B don’t cover anything outside of the U.S. Medicare, in certain cases, will cover emergency medical services if something occurs during the first sixty days of travel. It’s actually very easy to confirm this, rather than listen to what someone said.... go to the Medicare site, or call Medicare as many of us have done. Or talk to the company you have your supplemental policy with. In my case it is United Health Care AARP plan F. The various Medicare Advantage plans may cover some things outside the U.S.....but that you would have to discuss with the insurance agent or carrier.
  4. That’s absolutely ridiculous... all Thai food is NOT spicy... and if spicy like curries and larbs they vary and may or may not be really spicy. Pad Thai is a bland dish that one adds spices to. There are always condiments on the table in Thai restaurants.... chiles inc fresh or in vinegar, sauce, fish sauce, etc. This is exactly the way it is done in Thailand. Thais will ask for their level of spice. I have Thai friends who can’t take spicy hot. Perhaps you are talking about eating at a friend’s home in Thailand where they love 🥵?
  5. Thanks to the two people who responded with PMs, with referral info for someone who can help. She will make appointments with both people.
  6. Traderspoc... didn’t get PM. Could you email bzk2405@gmail ? Many thanks.
  7. Hi. Does anyone know if there is a U.S. financial advisor/small retirement planning for someone who has lived abroad for many many years. My friend who is visiting for a month desperately needs to talk to someone with knowledge. The situation is difficult as this person was repeatedly hacked, lost most of her savings etc. She has a nest egg that wasn’t touched and a Roth IRA. The hacking has now turned into cyberstalking. It’s a horrible situation. I would be grateful for any information on someone who can help with a referral here. Please please do not comment or provide advice on hacked accounts/cyberstalking... that is not what she is asking for help with. Please PM me. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Lisa plagiarizes .... she steals articles from other publications and publishes them as her own, in her rag. As Kam says, she is not a reporter.... but she does like to present herself as an investigative journalist. What a joke.
  9. Ajijic Steam Clean (332) 385-0410
  10. And.... Panchos Deli delivers! Pancho is the best.
  11. Rodrigo (Rodri) is on an extended bicycle trip throughout Spain, and then France, Italy, and who knows where else. He was so excited while planning this trip... hard to say when he will return.
  12. According to the Director of the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology (IAM), of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........the rains will begin later this year, around the beginning of July , and will last later. There will be isolated showers earlier but they will not be the start of the season. https://traficozmg.com/2019/05/lluvias-llegaran-tarde-a-jalisco-udg/ Lluvias llegarán tarde a Jalisco: UDG 23 de mayo del 2019 Independientemente de las lluvias dispersas que pudieran presentarse en las próximas semanas, será hasta los primeros días de julio cuando comience formalmente el temporal en Jalisco, por lo cual los agricultores habrán de tomar sus previsiones, sobre todo porque se espera un comportamiento errático y escaso en las precipitaciones, aseguró el Director del Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología (IAM), de la Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG), doctor Hermes Ulises Ramírez Sánchez.........
  13. Harry....what did Hector say? Was it El Gordo, a look alike, or was he perhaps given a few week’s notice, before moving on to greener pastures?
  14. We were super surprised to see El Gordo on the carretera today in La Floresta. Several times. He sure didn’t look gone....
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