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  1. Hal

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    This might be helpful as it lists many of the lakeside options I think http://seniorlivinginmexico.com/directory/web-category/senior-housing-directory/ https://www.focusonmexico.com/assisted-living-lakeside/?fbclid=IwAR2B8ort0HSnXuyXfh_PoFLid88Ou5lusB5Zts76IKu1GjBWYp61xQYWosA
  2. Hal

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    My understanding of the Abbeyfield sage (which maybe someone could confirm who has more direct information)- Is that the original owner, when she died left the property "for the benefit of lakeside residents". It was last year decided by the administrative board that using it as it was was really only benefiting a handful of people and that selling the property would create a fund which could then be used for the purpose the original owner intended. I was also told that since the residents had not received any increase in fees for many years that the current use was "upside down" and it was costing the board more money to run then it was generating. It seems to me that the board must still be trying to figure out the best way to fulfill their charter as opposed to misleading former residents. IMO with the current demand for rentable properties and the price they generate and the fact they would be able to eliminate overhead to almost nothing - this might be an option the board is exploring. OR perhaps it has been sold and this is the use the new owner has chosen
  3. Hal

    Knee problem

    I love posts like this!
  4. I am not talking about wages. That is set by the market. I am talking tips. Obviously we are not about to change each others minds on this. Have a lovely day.
  5. I pay the same tip in Mexico as in the US at the airport. They provide me the EXACT same service. I am a Scottish Canadian and we certainly are NOT raised to throw money away, but I do tip appropriately. Obviously my opinion of what is appropriate does not match a few other posters here. That is their prerogative. I do not judge you. Please extend the same courtesy to me
  6. Hal

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Good recommendations all. I would just like to suggest checking out the Guadalajara Reporter and their ads as well. Many restaurants do not advertise in the OJO
  7. I don't understand this comment. Why would you assume the 0.001% that you think are on this web board is not a genuine sample of the population. Your logic would discount every survey or poll ever taken because it does not represent the entire population. My observation is that the 33% of people on this post who are not happy that zombies take over the public plaza on a holy day (the culmination of a month of fasting and prayer to the Virgin of the Rosary - where the devote march from 6 corners to the Ajijic plaza) is a fair sample of the population lakeside. But Val had graciously offered to take that concern to the planning commission so I do not wish to reignite that discussion again.
  8. My partner is legally blind and when he travels alone the service provided by the special needs staff is incredible - getting him thru customs, from gate to gate, making connections, claiming baggage. $15 - $30 USD is our norm for a tip. A pet peeve is people equating manual labor with ANY other work. I have NEVER heard that done in ANY other country except Mexico. I have never heard that to excuse leaving a bad tip or justify a bad salary in the US or Canada. Would you say that to a Doctor? To a Lawyer? To a Teacher? Manual labor is manual labor. Other jobs are other jobs. I am sorry your ex wife had a bad experience. That is an exception and not the norm and your special needs person had NOTHING to do with her carry on luggage problem
  9. Hal

    Cairns or Westies

    Some people have way to much time on their hands. Pay attention to their actions it tells you everything you need to know about them. Imagine creating a problem that does not even exist.
  10. Hal

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    I did that Sandwich to go promotion and the sandwich was big enough for two of us to share that night
  11. Hal

    Halloween 2018

  12. Hal

    Halloween 2018

    Thank you Val. I do appreciate your professionalism and willingness to listen
  13. Hal

    Halloween 2018

    If you believe an 85 year old Mexican grandmother who lives at 6 corners and the public servants in town hall have the same core value I do not know what to say. I have made my statement and it has been dismissed and the your response, and inability to entertain any change tells me all I need to know. I had not supposed this forum would be the place to create a new awareness and it seems I was right. Thank you
  14. Hal

    Halloween 2018

    The term grumpy gringos is completely false as is computerguys assumption that I am new to this area. I am one of the few gringos in the area that you will find at almost every Mexican Fiesta and event and I do not live my life as if I am still north of the border or shuttered away in a gated community. I have been here almost 15 years lakeside and am not trying to re invent the wheel. If anything my objection is gringo events that are thoughtlessly planned with little consideration or respect for the Mexican community who was here long before we were. I knew Elliot and she was a fine woman. I understand that the Thrill of the world event happens at exactly the same time all over the world and local planners can not change that if they want to participate in the world wide event. I also appreciate that this event raises money for local charities. I understand you have no control over the date or time but you DO have control over the venue. I can understand perhaps in the first years how it had to be in a prominent public place to draw attention to the event. That is not the case now and it is certainly a destination event that people plan to come and see. It could be just as successful in the venue I suggested in La Floresta and you could completely avoid any of the negativity that has become associated with it. I may be the lone voice on this thread but I assure you I am not alone in my feelings regarding this, especially in our local Mexican community. It is not in the nature of our local Mexican community to get in the face of the gringo planners and participants especially by the older Mexican members of the community but this IS distressing to them. Perhaps the planners have been unaware of these feeling but they certainly are not now. When you are planning to participate in a gringo event that glorifies un-dead zombies who are living in a kind of purgatory instead of the afterlife that is the base of the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead and the goulishness on Halloween is put in the face of one of the most holy days and processions as the Procession of the Virgin of the Rosary (the culmination of a month of fasting, prayer and masses); it defies logic that you could be unaware of the cultural conflict unless you live your life divorced from the local Mexican community. The Virgin of the Rosary Procession route is from seis esquinas (six corners) to the church at the plaza and even if you endeavor to be complete before they march that route, we all know zombies do not just go home after the event. Why is that venue your choice when there are other options? I can not understand it or the push back I am feeling on this thread. To me it just feels like another example of "we are gringos and we do what we want" with no thought to others.
  15. Hal

    Halloween 2018

    Thanks Gringal. This makes me feel much much better. Hopefully them dancing across the plaza and then back to 7 corners did not interfere with the virgin of the rosary procession. It still seems unnecessarily close to the Virgin of the rosary. I don't understand why they don't just avoid the issue and move it to a place like the La Floresta Castillo Plaza. Plenty of room, plenty of parking no issue for anyone