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  1. Once again, Tiny, you are spot on. I know that SuperLake has a considerable mark-up on products, but I expect their shelf price to be somewhere in the range indicated in my response to Gringal.
  2. I can only guesstimate, Gringal, as next week is their first delivery, since their management shake-up. I would say ca. $150-$165 pesos/pound (US $8-$9 / CAD$10-$12)
  3. Thank you all for your comments. Yes, with apologies for the imperfect photo, our pound bags are clearly labeled to indicate medium or dark, or blend of both (my personal favourite being: "Splendidly Blendedly". Until very recently our beans were organic, but it is nearly impossible to procure organic coffee beans in Mexico, at present. I am not able to elaborate, as I still don't fully understand myself what changed. No Bullshit Coffee's entire reputation and philosophy is based on providing our customers with the finest quality and freshest coffee we can find. We utilize simple packaging, make no fancy claims and roast-date every bag. We do our utmost to ensure that any coffee that must be ground is packaged immediately and delivered direct to vendors as efficiently as possible. For those who have enquired about pricing, we sell our beans & ground coffee at very reasonable, equitable prices to our vendors. Tiny, I agree with you that if you have a grinder at home, beans are the best way to go. Gringal, and Angus MacTavish, If you are satisfied with the quality of your vendor's coffee, more power to you. Please consider just trying ours. I think you will love it!! Our labels are not intended to be in any way gimmicky, although naturally we would like to stand out on the shelf, thus the gold. Ferret, We do have Oaxaca French Roast and Chiapas French Roast. The particular region only depends on our supply at the time. We always purchase raw beans in relatively small amounts, and only ever small batch roast, so as to ensure optimum freshness. Cafe Mediterranio, THANK YOU for your kind remarks! We really appreciate your appreciation!! We discontinued with the markets, as there was so much red-tape involved, it finally wore our wonderful agents down. Now that SuperLake is in new hands, we want to give them another chance. Thank you all sincerely for your comments, Susan No Bullshit Coffee La Manzanilla, Jalisco 48898
  4. We purchase our beans from a certified fair trade supplier. Our 100% Arabica coffee beans come from Oaxaca, Veracruz and Chiapas. I apologize for the error in stating SuperLake is in Ajijic, Mr Johanson. My geographical skills are not my strong suit. Technically speaking, SuperLake Grocery is in San Antonio Tiayacapan, Chapala. Thank you both for your interest. If you like coffee, I know that you will really enjoy No Bullshit Coffee With kindest regards, Susan No Bullshit Coffee La Manzanilla, Jalisco 48898
  5. No Bullshit Coffee is fairly-traded and freshly roasted, and will be on the shelves of SuperLake Grocery, Ajijic, next week. As many of you already know, we are an artisan coffee roastery in La Manzanilla, Jalisco. We have been in business since 2003, and small batch roast to perfection, our delicious, select, Arabica coffee beans, so that we can offer our discerning customers the freshest, quality coffee, at the best possible prices. Each bag of No Bullshit Coffee is roast-dated, so can be sure what you are getting is truly fresh coffee in every bag Visit our Facebook page: No Bullshit Coffee
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