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  1. If only they would kick it into the bushes or grass, many birds, bugs n' worms and microbes would devour it pretty fast.
  2. Do you know if Syncler works well with windows 7? (yup; still there)
  3. Kodi - free - Realdibrid - 9 Euros for 90 days Ilox - ethernet connection - get everything - no buffering
  4. Interesting. My ilox rarely drops. I can stream video no problem. It must be location related.
  5. it must be done to measure for lenses. they have that equipment at the GDL clinic. Carefully done topography assist one to select the best lenses. For me it meant trifocals and no glasses.
  6. topography is done in GDL also, prior to surgery.
  7. Pretty sure it would be the cheapest route. Not much different from hiring architects, etc. to build a house. Zebs comment on like-minded goals would be more of an obstacle.
  8. I'm curious if those envisioning such need in their future might consider throwing in together, form a nonprofit, buy a nice property and build-convert the perfect facility.
  9. I found Dr. Ross to be a very open-minded individual. He approached my input pragmatically rather than being dismissive like most MDs.
  10. California - Canadian friend and American friend had jab in San Diego
  11. Exactly. Not just earthquake areas but floods or old sewer systems.
  12. Not my tempo. I've been using whatsapp for years. I do not use it that way for security reasons. I simply asked for the number. I got it thanks to AP.
  13. Nothing; just fine for me. I thought I should respond to Mr. Douglas, so he realizes that (for me) the Whatsapp number is not displayed.
  14. That does not give the number and I don't use my computer for whatsapp. I got the number now though.
  15. I want to make a point that often when drivers stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the Carretera they may create a dangerous situation. I know that people mean well but they have no control over the traffic coming from the other direction, nor a possible crazy driver deciding to pass on left or even right. From my perspective, riding a mobility scooter, where I cross at a crossroad I must beware of traffic from 4 directions and be cautious of how I approach the slope onto cobblestones to avert tipping over. My reason for posting this today is an occurrence fresh from this morning. A driver to my left stopped for me to cross with a line of cars behind him and a large amount of traffic streaming from the right. I waved him on but he did not budge. I tried again but the response was to lower his window and put his hand out to try stopping the oncoming traffic. A this point I was shaking my head - no - and waving furiously for him to move on. Still he stubbornly remained. I finally convinced him of my seriousness by backing up and heading off down the bicycle path. The moral of this story is, that although it is a kindly action to stop for pedestrians, bear in mind that you have no control over the actions of other drivers and you could create a dangerous situation by stopping; especially if the pedestrian feels obliged to your kindness or garners a false sense of security and steps into moving traffic. Mind you I have been assisted to cross by some bus drivers who pull across the road blocking all traffic but that is a different story.
  16. My Jack Russell loves to kill them but I've also got 2 Geckos who have moved in with me who eat cockroaches.
  17. That glyphosate biodegrades fully was/is an unfortunate obfuscation promoted by Monsanto/Bayer. It destroys or inhibits many beneficial soil microorganisms. Perhaps worse it has become a popular 'tool' of many large grain farmers in Canada and the US to hasten senescence making for a timely harvest. Because of this, glyphosate is detectable in many vegetable oils (especially canola) and virtually all cereals. Nice eh?
  18. Sure; shoot their contact info. My buddy in Vancouver is an expert at this. He has saved me thousands over the years. Failing this, I'll try teaching myself and my right hand to do this on an ABS modulator.
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