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  1. 21 hours ago, Natasha said:

    Is he there every day or ???

    .WIll give them a try too.   Thanks to both

    He is not there everyday and it is hit and miss connecting but there is another shop about 4 to 6 doors further with about the same prices for the same stuff. I bought an entire household (and casita) of furniture from the guy, 2 big beds, tables (4 big 4 small), 8 chairs, tons of shelves, 2 little tables with drawers, 4 dressers for around 14 - 15,000. I just coated them with linseed oil but you can mix in a bit of stain.

  2. 28 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    No, I agree that they aren't. Those are individual character traits. By cultural I think of things like Germans being very straightforward and blunt, Japanese being quite polite, Mexicans being generally easy-going. 

    Then there are cultural things like Mexicans tending to not show up on time, and not bothering to call to say they can't make it when they were scheduled to come (even Mexicans acknowledge that there is clock time and "Mexican time"). Although there are individuals who don't do that. But there are often cultural reasons for things like that, that if you understand them, makes it less irritating.

    For instance, it occurred to me one day that because Mexicans traditionally have large families and multigenerations living in the same home, there is usually someone at home, it could just be grandma sitting in her chair by the front door for hours each day. So if the propane delivery guy is 4 hours or 2 days late showing up, it doesn't really matter- there's almost always someone home to let them in. 

    They aren't accustomed to households where only one person lives, or a retired couple, who would get annoyed at waiting around all day when they have other things to do, only to have a delivery guy not show up.

    I was thinking the same thing (about there always being old folks at home) and wondering why the young guys knocking on my door are always in such a damn hurry for this old man to get there to see what they want. <grin>

  3. 1 hour ago, AlanMexicali said:

    No I understood you. I disagree that is all. Ethnic groups have some distinctive similarities amongst themselves which is what this thread has evolved into discussing now. 

    As I said to Mudgirl, of course they do.

  4. 2 minutes ago, AlanMexicali said:

    It is very boring describing someone simply as different. What the hell is the difference? That is where describing Mexicans is interesting coming from experiences and perspectives from foreigners. Ethnic groups are "homogenious" in some ways because of many generations of living in the same or similar culture and soaking it up. 

    You misinterpreted my meaning. You may describe an individual as they are but their quality of character does not usually reflect their ethnicity. (as described better in my other post)

  5. 9 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    Of course societies are made up of  inddividuals who do not fit into some sterotyped mold.

    But to pretend like there are not general cultural differences between nationalities is silly and I think it leads to less understanding and acceptance of others rather than more.

    Of course but are 'good natured' 'industrious' 'friendly' 'honest' cultural terms? To me these descriptions come from people who do not see the culture. I find these types of individuals everywhere along with dishonest, etc. One description I'd agree with is 'family oriented'.  

  6. 24 minutes ago, Northtek said:

    Just a heads up, as here is the main reason for the show. I am less than 10 years to retirement, the last 5 years have had me wondering what retirement even going to be like or if it was even possible. To say it kept me up nights would be an understatement. everyone that I spoke with back home had the same concerns, as retirement in Canada is a problem for a lot of people. 

    I got lucky in that I am married to a Mexican woman, before this I had no idea what Mexico was like and that life here was so affordable. Since getting here, my biggest worry is now gone, as retiring in Canada with my income was at best, a string of compromises, at worst, wishful thinking.

    Mexico has given my a chance to not only retire in comfort, but also lead a life I wanted and to travel more. Plus I can even retire early. As I have already entered into what can be considered semiretirement. 

    People in Canada (maybe in the US) are desperate for retirement options and if I can show them that Mexico can solve a lot of their concerns, then why not. It is a solution that works for me and will work for a lot of other people. 

    This is my audience, I think I can share my experiences, show them what life here is like and what they can expect if they decide its the right solution for them. 

    This is the main premise of the show and it will appeal to thousands if not millions, as it will give them an understanding of what it will be like to retire here. Many may choose it, many wont, but a lot will watch. Which is the very reason people make videos.

    So you did view the multitude of Youtube videos doing just that?

  7. 45 minutes ago, bmh said:

    Only Canadian think it is important to say they are Canadians and not Americans.. Nobody gives a darn. People are people some are good and some are bad.. and it does not do any good to peddle all that bs stereotype.

    Mexicans are the same way they come in all sizes and all colors so stop stereotyping every one. It does not do any good to anyone and it is boring.

    The Mexican culture is varied and fascinating so talk about that rather than the expats themselves.

    Exactly. I get so tired of foreigners describing the 'Mexican' people. ('they' are so; this and that) They are all different just like all over the world.

  8. As I've noted before, I am happy with Kodi combined with Real Debrid on ILOX. Never any buffering 1080p. If you have a friend who knows computer download stuff, they can set it up. OR Youtube has many instructional videos. You need only computer and TV (or only computer). Kodi is free and Real Debrid is 36 Euros per year. You can watch current TV shows the day after airing, most current movies and you can search and watch most previous movies (1 year old +) and documentaries and TV series.

  9. 5 hours ago, MtnMama said:

    You, or someone else like your landlady if your Spanish isn't good enough, needs to talk to the owner. Explain that the dog is too small to be a street dog and if the owner doesn't want it in the yard or house, you will help find it a new home. You could also call one of the dog rescue organizations to help explain reality to the owner if necessary. Please do not steal the dog. 

    Absolutely do not take the dog.

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  10. When I presented the RFC on my deed at the vehicle license office, they said it was incorrect and sent me to another lineup to be issued the correct one. I know nothing of one on a bank statement. This was required to register a newly manufactured trailer. One of the top notarios around issued a RFC number to my Mexican buddy by looking it up using his CURP #. He said not all people with Curp numbers also have RFC but some do for certain requirements.

    It is 13 characters/digits inclusive of one's birthdate.

  11. 20 minutes ago, MtnMama said:

    Two thoughts. Call Ruben at Computerland on Monday 376 765 7595

    Or,  ask the question in the Ask Woody Lounge. You need to sign up in the log-in section the the right side of the page and ask your question the the Win7 section. Wonderful resource. https://www.askwoody.com/

    Thanks. Since struggling for several hours, the command for creating a system image will not show so I fear a clean install is what I must do. I'm presently backing up hours of files in preparation.

  12. My circa 2010 desktop Windows 7 (64 bit, 24 GB RAM) PC will not open Windows normally. I started in safe mode and tried repair methods unsuccessfully. I do have a very old system image on a partition of the hard drive, however that will not restore my current programs and files if activated.

    I have not downloaded anything to this computer in the past year except Google Chrome.

    Is anyone knowledgeable enough to tell me whether I might create a new system image from the current state of affairs, being in safe mode but also, obviously having a somewhat corrupted operating system? 

  13. 1 hour ago, Northtek said:

    ahh yes the infrastructure debate. it never gets old. Problem with this argument is this, Infrastructure is a problem for most countries and not just Mexico. Truth is that it has been bad, it is currently bad, and will probably continue to be bad. It was bad before most of us got here and has little to nothing to do with us being here, but it didn't stop those that use this argument from coming themselves. Hypocrisy anyone?

    I understand that having expats here will have its pros and cons, every situation does. Before I decided to come I heavily considered what my impact would be verses the benefits. because I always look before I leap and what I found out surprised me. One is the Mexican people have been overwhelming supportive in their reception and explained to me what happens when an expat moves to the neighborhood. Now this could just be this neighborhood, as I didn't explore this extensively. But this is the benefits I was told the locals receive. Primarily is local businesses thrive as expats bring a level of disposable income that is not usually found, Secondly, is safety and security of the area, which really surprised me and will be looking at it more in-depth later, but I am told that police presents in areas expats go get better response time and better coverage and it makes local residents feel safer. 

    There is more and I will be covering them in future content as it is a top concern of mine in that we offer more pros than cons for the local residence. 

    But if your intent is to detour other from experiencing life here because you might be inconvenienced in some way, then you need to ask yourself why its ok for you and not others? yes this is a rhetorical question as we all know the selfish only see things that benefit them and not others. 


    Obviously you have not examined the infrastructure here, especially considering the development going on, especially compared to most communities in the US, Canada, Germany. etc. I'm not preaching against your project but promotion of more development here without a lot of upgrades in water, sewer and electrical systems is not practical. Perhaps that should be your angle. Also, don't build in the arroyas.

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  14. IMO the fumes, noise and brake dust generated are the nastier components of the increased traffic.

    I also shoot video as a hobby/interest but my lens is pointed down through a high powered microscope.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAa5NMFuTGQ&t=3s

    I have had the advertising forced on me BTW and make no money from it and have tried fruitlessly to have it removed.

    Regarding some of the video aficionados featuring life lakeside;




  15. On 2/21/2022 at 9:09 PM, mudgirl said:

    Did you watch that video? As I recall they don't suggest feeding dogs plain cooked chicken or any other meat on its own. Maybe I missed it.

    And of course dogs are individuals and breeds just as humans are. North American aboriginals tend to be lactose intolerant as an ethnic group, for instance, and within other demographics individuals can be lactose intolerant. What one animal's system can thrive on may be detrimental to another's. 

    The point is, when we feed our pets commercial pet food, that is akin to us eating junk food, packaged food filled with who knows what- eating real food is what we and our pets are biologically designed for.

    I cook a mix of brown rice, lamb, fish, green beans and or peas; supplement with occasional egg. As stated previously my 2 Great Dane cross dogs lived to 17 and 18 on a similar diet. I quit using kibble when dogs were dying (in the 90s) from Walmart and Costco Chinese made dog food. I recently experimented with Taste of the Wild but it made my dog sick.

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  16. Interesting comments and frowns from the verbal/prose police. I did not notice the rules stating that posts need be of a certain length or construct. Thank goodness for many here spelling and correct grammar is not enforced. Of note is that the offending poster was actually commended in past for the construct of his lengthy description.



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