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  1. Eeeeww! Now I know why my dog is cautious when she kills them.
  2. He is not there everyday and it is hit and miss connecting but there is another shop about 4 to 6 doors further with about the same prices for the same stuff. I bought an entire household (and casita) of furniture from the guy, 2 big beds, tables (4 big 4 small), 8 chairs, tons of shelves, 2 little tables with drawers, 4 dressers for around 14 - 15,000. I just coated them with linseed oil but you can mix in a bit of stain.
  3. I get all Netflix shows on Kodi.
  4. I was thinking the same thing (about there always being old folks at home) and wondering why the young guys knocking on my door are always in such a damn hurry for this old man to get there to see what they want. <grin>
  5. As I said to Mudgirl, of course they do.
  6. You misinterpreted my meaning. You may describe an individual as they are but their quality of character does not usually reflect their ethnicity. (as described better in my other post)
  7. Of course but are 'good natured' 'industrious' 'friendly' 'honest' cultural terms? To me these descriptions come from people who do not see the culture. I find these types of individuals everywhere along with dishonest, etc. One description I'd agree with is 'family oriented'.
  8. So you did view the multitude of Youtube videos doing just that?
  9. The time when 'gringo' becomes important is if I'm riding with my Mexican buddy and he pulls over to get a price on something, my white countenance sitting in the car jacks the price up.
  10. I think the term gringo was discussed previously. Supposedly it is from Spanish for Greek in origin and was used in Spain prior to the American-Mexican conflicts.
  11. Exactly. I get so tired of foreigners describing the 'Mexican' people. ('they' are so; this and that) They are all different just like all over the world.
  12. As I've noted before, I am happy with Kodi combined with Real Debrid on ILOX. Never any buffering 1080p. If you have a friend who knows computer download stuff, they can set it up. OR Youtube has many instructional videos. You need only computer and TV (or only computer). Kodi is free and Real Debrid is 36 Euros per year. You can watch current TV shows the day after airing, most current movies and you can search and watch most previous movies (1 year old +) and documentaries and TV series.
  13. Absolutely do not take the dog.
  14. When I presented the RFC on my deed at the vehicle license office, they said it was incorrect and sent me to another lineup to be issued the correct one. I know nothing of one on a bank statement. This was required to register a newly manufactured trailer. One of the top notarios around issued a RFC number to my Mexican buddy by looking it up using his CURP #. He said not all people with Curp numbers also have RFC but some do for certain requirements. It is 13 characters/digits inclusive of one's birthdate.
  15. If you have a CURP# you may already have a RFC#. I got mine at the vehicle licensing office in Chapala.
  16. Thanks. Since struggling for several hours, the command for creating a system image will not show so I fear a clean install is what I must do. I'm presently backing up hours of files in preparation.
  17. My circa 2010 desktop Windows 7 (64 bit, 24 GB RAM) PC will not open Windows normally. I started in safe mode and tried repair methods unsuccessfully. I do have a very old system image on a partition of the hard drive, however that will not restore my current programs and files if activated. I have not downloaded anything to this computer in the past year except Google Chrome. Is anyone knowledgeable enough to tell me whether I might create a new system image from the current state of affairs, being in safe mode but also, obviously having a somewhat corrupted operating system?
  18. Obviously you have not examined the infrastructure here, especially considering the development going on, especially compared to most communities in the US, Canada, Germany. etc. I'm not preaching against your project but promotion of more development here without a lot of upgrades in water, sewer and electrical systems is not practical. Perhaps that should be your angle. Also, don't build in the arroyas.
  19. IMO the fumes, noise and brake dust generated are the nastier components of the increased traffic. I also shoot video as a hobby/interest but my lens is pointed down through a high powered microscope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAa5NMFuTGQ&t=3s I have had the advertising forced on me BTW and make no money from it and have tried fruitlessly to have it removed. Regarding some of the video aficionados featuring life lakeside; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3vei4jUjtY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR0AePMyFx4
  20. I cook a mix of brown rice, lamb, fish, green beans and or peas; supplement with occasional egg. As stated previously my 2 Great Dane cross dogs lived to 17 and 18 on a similar diet. I quit using kibble when dogs were dying (in the 90s) from Walmart and Costco Chinese made dog food. I recently experimented with Taste of the Wild but it made my dog sick.
  21. In case you decide on a replacement I'll suggest Kalotron . You can find them reasonably priced on Mercado Libre. I went through 2 brands, one with the electronic ignition before getting a Kalotron with a pilot light. Very hot water when one turns on the faucet. https://www.kalotron.com.mx/index.php
  22. Interesting comments and frowns from the verbal/prose police. I did not notice the rules stating that posts need be of a certain length or construct. Thank goodness for many here spelling and correct grammar is not enforced. Of note is that the offending poster was actually commended in past for the construct of his lengthy description. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/91125-faster-ways-to-translate-whatsapp-conversations-automatically-english-spanish/#comment-694666
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