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  1. Update; After a thorough search, my buddy found his dog tied up in a yard. He had been grabbed off the street. The grabber demanded 300 pesos to release him. I suggested 100 and he won't be charged with extortion which he instantly agreed to.

    Buster is now happy with his new family and won't be walking off leash again.

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  2. On 6/23/2022 at 9:09 AM, elevator said:

    I live in Brisas de Chapala. It has rained twice in the past five days. Neither was heavy. I know some folks have been getting more, but I've been here almost eight years and this is the dryest June yet.

    I tried to PM you but it did not go through. Can you check what's up - maybe PM me.

  3. Last week a lady who wanders about Ajijic handed off a small dog to my friend Marcos. She begged him to take the dog, claiming it to be a stray and she has too many dogs already. Marcos took the dog, kinda caught unawares. The dog had a long hanging choke chain so Marcos surmised the dog must have a home so turned him loose. The dog would have nothing of it. He instantly bonded to Marcos. He would not come to me, only Marcos. We even shut him outside of our rental lot while we worked but he stayed right there. The dog followed Marcos back to my house after work and, unfortunately my dog would not let him in. 

    When Marcos went home the dog followed him. He left him outside but he was still there in the morning. I've never seen a dog bond with a person so instantly and steadfastly. Marcos decided it was meant to be and decided to keep him. I gave him a spare leather collar and leash. We walked the dogs together as a get acquainted measure and both behaved perfectly. Marcos used my outdoor sink to wash and brush a ton of grime from the little dog. His boys loved the dog. He was given the name Buster.

    Last Sunday the dog vanished while walking off leash with Marcos and his boys. They were on the bike path near Rio Chamela (corn fields). They figure he finally decided to go back home or....?

    It would be nice to know what became of this nice little dog. If you know of anyone who had their dog disappear for several days and show up with a new collar and bathed or maybe someone who picked him up as a stray, give a shout out. I guess him to be 2 to 3 years old.BUSTER2.thumb.jpg.89a6a342e1134172f011ba490f4ab014.jpgBUSTER1.thumb.jpg.5697ed5e84ceba6c471f8d35715de92b.jpg

  4. 48 minutes ago, jrod said:

    An electronic signature IS required, as are uploaded photo and recorded phrase.

    The uploaded photo and recording are no issue but the sig, not so much. Due to my hand structure, it is pretty much impossible to do a signature on a device, nevermind not having a touch screen. When I do the fingerprints scenario for documents, great body contortions are requiredūüėé I can do a PDF signature but do they accept that?

  5. 2 hours ago, Natasha said:

    I KNOW the 800 number says" Old people get priority. Don't worry about appt. Just go.In fact better if you do NOT make appt." (Direct quote during conversation) I know Shag  (I think?) said yup.... and I'm not even old.  Well let me tell you it is NOT worth taking the chance!!

    Had all documents and arrived 9:25.  Guy at door insisted  only with appt. I insisted 800  number guys told me they had to let us in.  Back and forth (politely). Finally said I wanted to talk to the boss becasue I was going to report them not following "the rules".  Boss finally came over.  Told him what 800 number people had told me in TWO different calls.  Lets us in. We get a ficha, as does another old guy who arrive with appt just after we did.

    Result?  He was taken care of "sort of in priority" while we cooled out heels for over 2 hours, at which time I told the young guy at the door we'd come back with appt.. He seemed disappointed we would leave......... but hubbie's patience by then was WAY past his tolerance level and then some.

    I hope making the appointment online is different-better than the site for appointments for new manufactured trailer registration. Their software for booking an appointment simply did not work (multiple attempts). I had to attend to make an appointment, for 2 weeks in the future.

  6. 1 hour ago, Lou Quillio said:

    It's normally seven days free, and fourteen during promotions.

    Stable? Certainly the throughput will be stable, so it'll be a question of how aggressively Google/YTTV polices VPN use. There's speculation in this thread that they're maybe less aggressive if one user account slot is in use at the account's chosen U.S. location. Hard to say. YTTV doesn't want to be aggressive, but content deals  -- made typically for an entire country -- enumerate the geo-enforcement steps that must be performed, and how they're documented. YTTV would look the other way on activity not specifically forbidden contractually.

    There's nothing special about YTTV, in comparison with it's competitors like SlingTV and, as I've learned here, Hulu Plus. These all meet the generic requirement of a streaming TV service that includes local/regional TV content, national content, cloud-DVR, and some integration of premium channels (e.g., HBO). They're all about the same price, because their largest cost by far is content licensing, which everybody pays.

    You could maybe get a sense of relative location enforcement laxity by following the subreddit for each service, but maybe not. These things change.

    WRT to integrating, say, HBO into, say, YTTV, that's only valuable if you watch TV a certain way. If you approach it like, "Turn on the TV and see what's on," maybe it's good to be able to search a pile that includes your premium subscriptions. But you'll pay full U.S. freight for those subscriptions, vs. the cheaper Mexico rate.

    There's also no guarantee that you'll be able to DVR premium channels if they're bought through a streaming service, though it's great if you can. OTOH, god and Bram Cohen created Bittorrent for a reason. Ahem.

    Assume the camera's interface is what keeps you using Betamax Firewire. I've read that Firewire can be adapted to Thunderbolt 3, but don't bother using anything but Apple's adapters. After all, it was Apple that promoted 1394 into existence, then didn't.

    Oh, sure. Recovering video coder here. Video encoding/transcoding is about as processor-intensive as it gets -- so we were all issued these beastly Dell towers, so that everybody could do encodes and help visually determine if a proposed video-encoder (software) change was worthwhile. But I don't do that any more, and ffmpeg runs just fine on my small boxen.

    And I suppose some folks still kinda get-off on towers, tricking them out with lights and what not. Personally, I retired my last build and have no plans to go back. I'm just a simple, country computer nerd now, living out his simple existence in the dust and salsa of Central Mexico.



    Yes it is the camera interface which keeps me loyal (so far) to 1394, however I did experiment with USB 3 and found a delay compared to firewire. I'd like to try the 'C USB' at some point. I need to have fairly precise ontime transfer as I attempt to follow microorganisms travelling around a slide. [this one not HD]


  7. For TV, I just use Kodi-Real Debrid on a laptop > HDMI to TV. I like to keep things as simple as possible. As I've learned, Real Debrid acts as a VPN so no need to use my VPN for that. I do have Prime for the rare occasion when Debrid has trouble and USTVGO and NPR (radio) for news. I've been tempted to try signing up for YouTubeTV with my VPN just to see...  Is the trial version/period long enough to know if it would be stable?

  8. I think the large desktop tower still reigns supreme for serious video 'handling' be it gaming or capture/editing. Some users use multiple video cards which are processors themselves. To keep hardware cool lots of space and fans are required unless going water cooled. I am currently facing a rebuild of my system built in 2010 (i7, 950 3.06 ghz, Rampage 3 Gene MB, Nvidia Geforce 480 video card, 24 GB RAM). I use it for live feed via firewire from a HD camera on a high powered microscope. When built it was ahead of the times. Now the motherboards and video card combinations are light years beyond.

    My video card will no longer run/load drivers; it is beyond its lifespan. Next will be the old 7200 rpm hard drive and power supply. The tower/case is an excellent Antec running 4 adjustable fans with options for more so I'm contemplating acquiring the parts for new 'guts'. I don't know the best Mexican outlet for PC parts but have been looking here; https://www.cyberpuerta.mx/  and Amazon. Any advice for where to purchase is appreciated.

    I bought one of the 'refurbished' Dell 32 GB RAM mini-towers from Amazon. My idea was to install a firewire card and video card into the 2 available slots. The 'rebuilder' (ha) tech had not correctly wiped the previous company's Windows 10 configuration so it did not load correctly. I contacted them and tried to get them to just send me a fresh install of W10 but they were seemingly very concerned about what was left on the PC so I returned it for refund. In retrospect I should have tried an install of Linux Mint but I'm not even sure it would load. 

  9. I've got front and back screened doors with fans near both boosting the flow through. Excellent first thing in the morning.

    I know what you mean about the humidity in Ontario - oppressive. Most people (well Americans) don't realize how hot it gets in the great white north. At my farm in BC I've measured 118 F in the shade on my porch and down  to minus 22 in the winter. (occasionally colder) 

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  10. I have 'extreme' experience with podiatrists NOB throughout Canada and USA. The podologist I encountered here was at least as skilled as the NOB ones I encountered (excepting 2). If I were to contemplate foot (bone) surgery which I have had about 20 times, I would never go to a podiatrist for this. The OP indicated "just looking for a regular old podiatrist type..nothing complicated"  I'm sure the doctor I noted can handle this or even the staff at Dr. Georges.

  11. Have you considered preparing/cooking food for your dog? You can find recipes on line. For dogs that need less protein a base of either/and brown rice, potato, yam, lentils is often used and then building on as advised by a vet; peas, green beans, fish, lamb, (beef), egg, flax meal, nutritional yeast, fish oil. Most of these are inexpensive locally. I have found cooking my mutt's food is cheaper and healthier than buying ready made.

  12. I am trying to help a Mexican family to find a good tutor capable of teaching the boys to read and write and do math. The emphasis is on reading. If the teacher can instruct English, that's a bonus. The papa, a single parent, is a good friend of mine and working partner. 

    They have had a number of setbacks. Along with all local kids missing school due to covid, the 9 year old boy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (severe bone cancer) and his entire leg was amputated to save his life. You can imagine what a blow this was for all. The boy, his dad and uncle spent a month in Guadalajara in hospital and the younger boy had to float between baby sitters. I would like to help them out as best I can. My (un)talents in Spanish prevent the teaching role.

    The boys also require a daytime caregiver while dad works. The uncle is presently fulfilling this but needs to return to work. The best scenario is if the tutor and caregiver were one and the same person, however 2 individuals is acceptable. This is for the Ajijic area. Wages negotiable. 

    If anyone knows of individuals thus talented or has advice, please send me a private message or email me at thegoodjob@hotmail.com (use subject tutor)
    I have asked the moderator to lock this post from receiving comments.
    Thanks in advance.
    ~ Tim

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