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  1. 1 hour ago, bdmowers said:

    Good luck on your worm and mulch venture.

    Have you contacted the worm people in Guad and environs (they`re on the internet under "lombriz roja californiana")? One is "Lombricultura Guadalajara" in Zapopan.

    Also, reportedly and confirmed by the woman in the plaza tienda in Tlachichilco, there is a worm farm a kilometer or so outside of Tlachichilco on 16th de Septiembre (the main road in Tlachichilco).  The road becomes nearly impassable a half a klick out except to 4-wheel drives.   Haven`t made it past the rough spot yet in our van.

    GPS: 20.335515, -103.078470

    Thanks for that!

  2. 1 hour ago, bdmowers said:

    Now we`re cooking!   So many possibilities for new products in the new no-plastic-bag world! Love the shipping suit!

    timjwilson, composting worms can be had at the Tuesday market from Anna Luz (don`t remember her company name) and Juan Diego at Galo Goat Farm.  I think a well-labeled vermicomposting bucket on the malecon is doable!  Just tell the malecon gardeners what you`re doing.

    Yes, thanks. I've already bought worms from both. Juan Diego is a good friend. Neither of them have large quantities available. I'm presently trying to boost my population.

  3. Dog poo can also be thrown into a compost heap if that is an option. There are not a lot of composting worms available locally yet but I kept a worm bin in my kitchen for years. I put all my scraps excluding meat into it and they were turned into vermicompost. For the brave you could try  a worm bin dog poo digester; a layer of shredded paper/cardboard, peat moss, sawdust or shredded straw/corn husk and bury the poo in there; just keep covering the poo with the bedding. [I was going to try this but my dog buries her poo].

    It is probably not culturally doable here but vermicomposting stations placed strategically for dog walkers would be brilliant.

  4. My business partner and myself are seeking a lot to rent long term, west of Ajijic from the end of the bicycle path [near La Casa del Waffle] to as far west as La Puerta Nueva [Villa Lucerna]. Our purpose is to provide mulch and mulching service to tree trimmers and the public. Additionally we will make and sell thermophilic compost and vermicompost and other organic gardening amendments. We prefer to be on the Carretera or as close as possible.

    The lot should be a minimum 400 sq. meters. The rent can vary according to amenities; e.g. building, electricity, fenced, water, septic/sewer with a maximum of 8000 mxn.

    Please PM or email responses to thegoodjob@hotmail.com

  5. FYI a colon ct scan is an alternative to a colonoscopy. I've had 2, ten years apart. The same preparation regimen applies. There is mild discomfort/pain as the colon is inflated slightly with gas (CO2 ?). If polyps are discovered then colonoscopy is needed.

    Any medical center with a scanner and 'gas equipment' should be able to do this.

  6. Just now, HookEmHorns said:

     "I am Canadian/American and so am not so engrossed in the Trump battle. " That is what you posted in a p. message to me. This seems a little "contrary" to me, no? :D

    Well to begin with perhaps you should be thrown off the forum for posting a private message. Yes I am both Canadian and American and don't really care about Trump.  If you must know, my father served US naval intelligence and when I was born while in Canada I required so much surgery that I had to remain in Canada which was superior and cheaper for that in those times. Perhaps you are too full of yourself to post the rest of the private message.

  7. 2 hours ago, ambconsultants said:

    Yes there are zonings laws. Chapala has most areas mapped and approved. It is municipal law. I assume in that area it is classified as h2 which is residential and depending on the area and the size of the lot probably would not allow for a trailer park. The zoning plans are on the chapala web site.

    The lot is about 17,000 sq. meters and as far as I know, zoning is not an issue. It is mostly a farming area interspersed with some new and older houses. Thanks for the info. 

  8. I don't often get involved in other people's business and I have only been in Mexico for a relatively short duration but I have throughout my life stood for what is right in the face of bullying.

    It has come to my attention that a group of American expats have apparently been trying to push their weight and fabricated rights upon an old and honorable Mexican family.

    I feel obliged to speak my mind on this situation here. The Frances family has made their home west of Ajijic for several generations. In time passed by, the patriarch was hesitant to sell land to the gringo foreigners but gradually gave in and in the process created Rancho Del Oro.

    Now his descendent has created a tasteful and well designed RV park on their large lot on Rio Amazonas. There are about 7 or 8 spaces for RVs behind a wall with entry through a gate. Unless one is looking for the park, it is barely noticeable as one drives or walks past.

    The local American neighbors have held meetings, drafted a petition and hired a lawyer all in their decided effort to rid 'their' neighborhood of this monstrosity; an RV park, representative of a class of people far below their social standing; to rid their neighborhood of this eyesore that could lower their property values. [obvious sarcasm]

    Who do they think they are?  Do they think their American rights apply here in Mexico? Don't they know how the economy and culture works around here? Lots are rented, loaned, traded for all sorts of uses and most are accepted by the Mexican population. There are certain prohibitory regulations applied to certain areas but this is not one of them.

    There would be a permit to operate an RV park but the municipality offers no such permit. This does not prohibit such an operation, just means a municipal permit does not exist.

    The city of Chapala has given in to the spoiled Americans and have posted CLAUSURADO (closed) on the gate.

    Why should they (the Americans) have a right to negatively impact a family's way of life and potential income? It is especially rotten since the Americans would not have their homes without this family.

    These puny-minded Americans should be ashamed of their behavior. There is no noise or odors coming from the RV park. As stated, it is barely noticeable. They are just as you might imagine, nose in the air complainers. They will know who they are if they read this and I hope they know who I am so they can explain themselves in person.

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  9. On ‎4‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 2:18 PM, RVGRINGO said:

    As I understand it, a Canadian may not drive a foreign plated car into Canada; even if it is his own, and even if he is a resident of both Canada and the 'other country'. 

    However, a Canadian may drive any legal vehicle in the USA, so the option to drive as far as the Canadian border offers a possible solution. Perhaps a friend or relative would meet the driver and pet, on the USA side. 

    Can a US citizen drive a Jalisco plated car into Canada?

  10. 22 hours ago, CBDSam said:

    Feel free to contact me and send me a message. I can show you some specifications of what I have. It is from the Indica strain and we have almost 500,000 bottles that have gone out the door with no complaints. The product flat out works, and ultimately this is what you want to know. Does it work or not. Things are regulated differently here as we all know. Specifications and lab studies are for the FDA and the over regulated everything in the US and other places. I get the need for testing and it is important, however we are in Mexico. This is one of the reasons I want to permanently live here, You can not even fart in the US without some sort of investigation into the gases produced :) 

    That being said, I do have some numbers and potency's that you can see. Our product does have THC, however we do have 1 that has none and is from the Hemp plant with all the cannbinoids. 

    As a scientist, I find legitimacy in testing of pharmaceuticals. As a human I really like to know what I am ingesting. As a farmer who bred some dominant CBD cultivars (strains) I wanted testing to judge my success. I also really like to know how a product is created, which I imagine you can detail. As far as the splitting of the strains Indica and Sativa, in the scientific world, there are not 2 specific strains but a plethora of varieties with varying constituents. Here is some legitimate reading on this;


    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5531363/ (this gets into the weeds so to speak)

    As a scientist and farmer, I did observe 2 distinct traits when growing these, which I did define as Indica and Sativa phenotypes. The Indica type plants were easily triggered to flower with the manipulation of photoperiod but the Sativa phenotype with much more slender leaflets tended to grow taller and flower within a range of 12 to 14 hours naturally. To me this indicates that sativa phenotypes would have evolved closer to equatorial regions while Indica likely evolved at distance from the equator. I observed some Sativa phenotypes grown out from seeds from Panama, Guerrero and Oaxaca.  The CBD dominant plant I bred tested approximately 12:1 CBD:THC  If this was made into an oil, it would be tested showing either percent or mg/ml.

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  11. I bought some 'pure' CBD oil from the physio therapist near Yves restaurant. I tried it for pain but without effect. I have been giving it to my dog with some lessening of anxiety noted and less scratching from allergies. I can tell from the color and the particulate matter in the oil that it is not properly made. It should be extracted by a form of distillation. The best uses pure alcohol, CO2 or butane. I have made distilled oil using 99.9% pure alcohol and the final color was golden. There should be very little green color and certainly no floaties.

    The Handsoftheartisan asserts cold extraction. What that entails I do not know but sounds like a solvent wash or oil extraction, neither of which are the best for professional extraction.

    I have yet to find a source in Mexico which provides independent test results showing the amount of cannabinoids present. (e.g. THC:CBD/ml in mg or percentage) I had such testing done in Canada.

    There is one company; HempMeds which described testing but offered no results. If a Mexico based company is serious about getting testing done, they just need to find a laboratory with a HPLC machine and assist with securing baseline material. I'm sure Mexico has HPLC equipped laboratories.

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  12. I have related questions. I have a part time helper I need to keep in touch with. The easiest way would by via Whatsapp but his phone is a piece of junk and he often does not keep his minutes topped up. I am thinking of purchasing one of the 'Blu' phones through Amazon mx to give to him but to maintain control over keeping the 'plan' paid up. Hopefully, I could accomplish this online. [paying in advance would be ideal] 

    FYI My own service is with Verison USA.

    My questions;

    1/ I presume that Telcel is my best option. Does anyone know if the Blu androids are compatible? (if not suggest other inexpensive makes)

    2/ Is it best to put the phone in my name or the worker's name?

    3/ Any suggestions for the best plan for this situation?

    4/ Other input gladly received.

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