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  1. I have found myself without cash lots of times and I have a lot of trouble with coins because of the condition of my hands. I usually tip way more than 20 pesos and also because of that thing with my hands I dump the change given by the cashier right on the counter. Have only had smiles and a few pats from the elders bagging groceries. I'm going to remember the chocolate bar or... idea. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes very difficult if you have no cash and the ATMs are sold out. Not all that rare. A candy bar beats nothing right?
  3. I have used Hitman Pro anti-virus successfully to remove some previous infections. It does not take a lot of space on your computer and constantly updates its base. I'm still mourning the passing of XP pro operating system. I do interface of high end microscopy and 24 RAM computer and nothing was better. I tried MS 10 but had to revert to 7 because 10 had too many dumbed down operations.
  4. I just saw Dr Juan Garrido in GDL (puerta de hierro sur hospital) who told me I have cataracts. He prescribed multifocal eye glasses to try forestalling surgery for a while. I have never worn glasses. They cost 12,000 pesos [ouch] He said the surgery would be 25,000 pesos per eye but did not say what sort of lens. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  5. Pea gravel was mentioned in the thread. Does anyone know of a bulk source?
  6. I'll second Winston. Excellent service.
  7. As Vista said, probably no drain trap or food stuck in there.
  8. I paid about 20k usd for a complex hip replacement in Mexico city [2 years back] with one of the best hip/orthopedic surgeons in the world. The cost included flight from Vancouver, 20 days in hospital private room, physiotherapy twice daily, custom meals, topnotch nursing care.
  9. My dog also scratches a bit much and it varies with what I feed her somewhat. Speaking of fleas and vets. Is there a vet who sells Revolution flea-tick-heartworm skin applied medication for 10 pound size dogs? Last time I bought it I had to get over size and dispense half, which was difficult. Also, is there a decent vet, who actually examines the dog during a visit? Vitals, teeth, etc?
  10. I just also sent him Gustavo's # by PM. Great spot.
  11. Except that it is a roast. One good thing about Gerard's is the atmosphere, IMO - good vibes. I'm not sure whether the mushroom with tomatoes and cheese is still available but it was excellent. I really like the spinach lasagna and the regular salad is good and filling. It is the only good salad I've had yet in the area. [not that I've been all over] There may be some confusion over the aging of the prime rib. It is likely cut from already aged beef. We killed a steer back in Canada and hung for about 1 month...delicious; big difference if aged.
  12. Yeah okay. It was reading the tutorial which sparked my question. Very poorly written.
  13. This sounds as if it requires firestick or some such other device using a remote control. Is this correct? I presently use a laptop only as my device and connect to TV via HDMI. I use the mouse to select shows. Can this software be used in this fashion?
  14. I'm willing to be corrected on this but I believe a motorhome can be 'imported' while in Mexico. There are lawyers (I've been told by my lawyer) who specialize in registering a NOB vehicle in Mexico. I have read an in El Ojo posted by a mechanic shop in Chapala that they will assist with vehicle transfer to Mexican.
  15. I lived in a rainforest with a metal roof with plywood and Styrofoam; not that loud.
  16. I wonder why there are not more metal roofs around the area on roofs with some pitch. I've contracted building about 5 roofs in Canada with metal. They are good for 25 to 30 years without coating, etc. I've been contemplating whether one could lay steel stringers over the flat-tile roofs, put a layer of Styrofoam and then metal roofing. Maybe I'll try it next year.
  17. I used Winston as well. Less expensive and better than the competition. I did not buy the insurance. Not one thing was damaged. Delivery was smooth and everything was placed where I requested. Winston is very amicable. (BC to Ajijic)
  18. I've had documents witnessed by a notario, no problem. 500 pesos as I recall.
  19. It was simple for me to get an appointment at a consulate, one week after emailing. I took the required financial info and had my card within 2 hours. I then had 6 months to cross into Mexico, which I took. [long trip] I bet getting your wife's card at the same time is best. Things can take a long time in Mexico and cost more. I did not use any assistance straight through.
  20. I was connected yesterday. I am a prepaid customer on the Carretera in West Ajijic. I saw them string the line past my house several months back. I emailed them one month ago and was promised a reply from another department. Nothing...so I emailed again, apologies and was told they lost my order, then had an appointment for one week ago. No show...no notification. I emailed again....another apology....trouble with the main line. With no appointment a very efficient young man showed up yesterday and installed the cable and modem. He easily followed my suggestions and was all done in 2 hours. Package is 75 MB and phone. My average download speed is 68 (up to 79) MBPS without VPN. When I test with fast.com it shows an enormous drop using VPN 20 to 30 MBPS. I verified with speedtest.com and got the same without VPN but with VPN it showed a drop of only 2 to 4 MBPS. I therefore tried a timed test opening my email service. Using a server in Texas, my email program opened slightly faster with VPN connected. This makes me dubious of fast.com's accuracy with a VPN. I encountered minor buffering using VPN, KODI and Real Debrid on 2 shows (720 hd). Other shows were fine. This can be a factor of the stream provider [ e.g. seriesonline, directdl, etc] Time will tell. I am currently happy with the ILOX service. Thanks to Tom!!
  21. Where the assets and US residential/mailing address is [if the same as Canadian law]
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